~Book Review~ “The Biker’s Brother” (Sons of Sanctuary MC Book Two) by Victoria Danann


Take a ride with Victoria Danann’s Sons of Sanctuary MC in the Biker’s Brother

Cami needs to escape from an abusive and vindictive ex that wants her dead so he can inherit her estate. Brand needs to earn the respect of his dad and brother as well as the rest of the club. Find out what happens when two seemingly opposite worlds collide on a road trip across the country when Brand takes on the responsibility for getting Cami to safety in the arms of the SSMC.

Victoria Danann has once again woven a great tale. There is always something more to her characters than first meet the eye. Brand and Cami have an instant attraction that has to come second to her safety as they attempt to elude her murderous ex. Their interactions are enjoyable as they fight their attraction yet grow closer throughout their ordeal. I also loved watching the play between Brand and his family, father Brant and twin brother Brash. Not your typical family, but there for one another in every way . . . which will be put to the test!

This book has a fast moving story line full of suspense. The characters are well written and given depth so that it is easy to become invested in Cami’s safety as well as where her relationship with Brand might progress to.

Five stars is just not enough for The Biker’s Brother. While it can be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading Book One: Two Princes first for more back story on Brand’s relationship with his family as well as with the SSMC.




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