~Book Review~ “Set Me Free” by M.R. Leahy


Set Me Free is a very dark romance and is not for anyone who is sensitive to books including scenes of sexual assault.  That being said, it is a well written story focusing on the relationship between teens caught in a sex trafficking ring.

Kodah is sold at the age of eight to pay off his father’s debts.  He is caught in a constant cycle of darkness and abuse with nothing to look forward to but death until Emmalyn enters his life.  Emmalyn is brought into the sex-trafficking ring at the age of ten, when her mother gifts her to her husband, and leader of the organization.  She is stripped of her prior identity and begins her training as a sex slave.  One that will be sold to the highest bidder when she turns sixteen.

While there is much darkness is this book, there is beauty and light in the relationship that develops between Kodah and Emmalyn, roommates, who become one another’s safe place in the hell they endure in.  Both will do anything they can to offer solace and a moment where they feel free of the life they have become trapped in.

The plot has a few twists and turns that I did not see coming and kept me reading to see if Kodah and Emmalyn would find a way out or be lost to slavery forever.  The characters were well written and had extreme depth.  I do not think it is easy to bring light and love into a story with such darkness, but M.R. Leahy did just that.

This is a good read for anyone who enjoys a dark plot.  4 stars.


About the Book:

Amazon Buy Link:  http://amzn.to/2j7XLcS

Set Me Free is a dark romance
I do not advise anyone who is sensitive to certain subjects or sexual situations to read it as it does contain certain situations.

Set Me Free
Torn and betrayed by her family, Emmalyn is taken and forced to live with her mother and stepfather, who happens to be the leader of one of the biggest sex trafficking rings around.

Thrown into a world of sex and slavery, Emmalyn is roomed with Kodah. A hot-headed boy, whose only weakness is her.

Both lost and tortured in this endless hell, they cling to the hope that one day they will make it out, that one day they will be set free.

About the Author:


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