~Book Review~ “The Beaumont Boys” by Rachel Ryan


Brooke Davis is searching for love . . . but will she ever really find the man perfect for her?

After a disastrous dating history, Brooke finds herself having to choose between Beaumont brothers Reed, who she briefly met at a friend’s wedding, and Myles, who she was set up on a blind date with.  Reed sets off an instant spark and attraction and Myles is safe and gentlemanly.

Rachel Ryan did a great job of pitting two brothers against one another for the love of a woman, without creating a cliche love triangle.  The characters felt real and displayed very human traits and emotions that we all have experienced.  Best friend Blair is a girl we all need to have in our corner, and Jazz is the perfect best friend and sister all rolled into one.

Brooke is put through the ringer in this book and is forced to take a journey of personal growth . . . discovering what is best for her and deciding what she really wants out of life.  I love that I felt myself rooting for the brother I wanted Brooke to end up with throughout this book . . .  right along with her friends.  I was glad to see her get her well-deserved happy ever after.

If you love a good, old fashioned love story . . . with a little competition between brothers and a foul mouthed best friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, this book is perfect for you!

4.5 stars.


About the Book:

Amazon Buy Link:  http://amzn.to/2jpLrof

Twenty-four year old Brooke Davis is searching for true love, but the only attention she seems to be getting is from her room-mates sleazy boyfriend. Until she meets charming blue-eyed Reed and feels an instant connection. But when fate steps in and Reed is called away, Brooke believes she’s lost her chance once again.

Six months later Brooke reluctantly agrees to a blind date with handsome and successful businessman, Myles Beaumont. Brooke and Myles hit it off and Brooke is finally feeling like it could be a perfect match, until Reed appears in her life again and the chemistry is hard to ignore.

Will Brooke follow her head or her heart? And when she learns the truth, will it completely destroy any chance she has at happiness?

About the Author:


I live in a small rural town in NSW, Australia with my two children.

For years I have enjoyed escaping into the minds of others and the stories they create. In October 2014, I decided that it was time to escape into my own story and began writing my debut romance novel, ‘Relentless’ with my colleague and friend Eve Cassidy. ‘Relentless’ was released in April 2015 and our ‘Relentless Soul Series’ was born with the sequel, ‘Surrender’ published in June. In August, I released a stand alone romance novel, ‘Pieces of Me’ and my latest release is ‘The Beaumont Boys’.

Balancing work, family, and study (Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education) I don’t have a lot of spare time, but any time I have is spent with my children, reading or writing.



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