~Author Spotlight~ Keira Montclair


As a huge fan of Keira Montclair’s Clan Grant and Highland Clan series, it was exciting to chat with her about her inspiration as well as what she has coming our way!


What was your main inspiration for writing tales of Highland Romance?

My inspiration came from all the wonderful Highland books I have read. I just fell in love with romance in the Highlands. My favorite authors who have inspired me? Julie Garwood, Diana Gabaldon, Sara Donati, Marsha Canham, Monica McCarty, Janet Chapman, Judith McNaught, and Brenda Joyce. I recall reading and falling in love with their medieval and Scottish characters. I have read and reread many of their books, so I am honored when readers share that they read my novels more than once. There are so many more great authors, but those were my first ones.




Did you expect readers of the Clan Grant to like your characters enough to beg for The Highland Clan?

Never. When I published my first book, it was my greatest hope to sell 100 copies of Rescued by a Highlander. Needless to say, I’ve come a long way thanks to all my wonderful readers.




Any hints to what readers can expect once you finish The Highland Clan?

I have no plans to ever finish The Highland Clan. When I published Loki, I think there were 33 or 34 descendants (siol) I could write about. I’ve added so many already – Kenzie, Maeve, Maisie, Morna…the list goes on. As long as readers want to read them, I will continue to write them, though probably not at the pace I’ve written in the past year.




While the men you write are alphas, your female characters also show strength, but in a variety of ways, from being healers and spies to being the heart of the clan holding things together. What inspired you to showcase so many types of feminine strength in your books.

Women have been abused for centuries, and it continues in present day, even in our own neighborhoods. I write about abuse because it is a part of life, and I want women to know they can get past it and blossom, just as many of my characters have done.




Is there anything special you would like your readers to know?

Yes! I want them to know that the book I am currently writing is a stand-alone novel that is NOT a Clan Grant or Highland Clan novel. It takes place in a completely different century, though it is still a Scottish historical. This novel is consuming me. I am writing it faster than any other novel I’ve ever written. It’s a love story (of course!) about two soulmates, Graeme and Catherine. The working title is Forbidden Love, and I am loving it. This novel has flowed so easily that it shocks me. I’m hoping my readers will give it a try and fall in love with Graeme and Catherine the way I have.




Thanks so much for inviting me to stop by, Janine! Best of luck with your new endeavor.

Thank you, Keira!  The pleasure was all mine. 

About Keira Montclair


Keira Montclair is the pen name of an author who lives in Florida with her husband. She loves to write fast-paced, emotional romance, especially with children as secondary characters in her stories.

She has worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics and recovery room nursing. Teaching is another of her loves, as she has taught both high school mathematics and practical nursing.

Now she loves to spend her time writing, but there isn’t enough time to write everything she wants! Her Highlander Clan Grant Series is a reader favorite is a series of eight stand-alone novels. The Summerhill Series is a contemporary romance series set in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in Western New York. Her third series, The Highland Clan, is set twenty years after the Clan Grant Series and will focus on the Grant/Ramsay descendants.

You may contact her through her website at http://www.keiramontclair.com. She also has a Facebook account and a twitter account through Keira Montclair. If you send her an email through her website, she promises to respond.

Amazon Author Page

Facebook Author Page



For a chance to win a copy of Book One in the Clan Grant Series:  “Rescued by a Highlander” be sure to leave a comment or question for Keira.


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