~New Release~ “Perfect Strangers” by Abby Gale

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Perfect Strangers

By: Abby Gale

Release Date: January, 27th

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US:  https://www.amazon.com/ dp/B01N7W81R1
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ dp/B01N7W81R1
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/ B01N7W81R1
AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/ dp/B01N7W81R1


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How did my life get so complicated? Going to my ex-boyfriend’s party seemed
like a good idea to prove I moved on. And that’s where I saw him –the
stranger with the perfect amount of cocksure promises. So I took everything
he offered, every delicious inch. It’s just that I wasn’t completely aware
of the entire package.


How did my life get so perfect? Sure, I’m a complete package and I know how
to use my assets. I’m never lonely and the ladies drop to their knees for a
night with me. I know what you’re thinking –I’m a manwhore, well, you’re
right, but I’m always honest with my one night stands – there’s never an
encore But now I must get my game on because there’s much more at stake
than I could have imagined.

For one night, we surrendered to our desires and it was sublime. But then
our worlds unexpectedly collided once again. What are the odds?


“Wait… I don’t even know your name,” I panted.

He gave me a lopsided grin before licking his bottom lip in a hypnotizing
way. Finally, he rewarded me with an answer: “My name depends on who you

“What does that mean?”

“Women generally call me God,” he started before adding fake woman moan,
“Oh God, please let me come. Oh God, yes… right there.”

I tried to stop my laugh, rolling my eyes instead, “What about men? What do
they call you?”

“Bastard, asshole… you name it,” he shrugged.

“You’re confusing me,” I started, smiling at him to let him know I was
teasing. “What should I call you if I agree to go with you?” I added.

“When you agree to leave this club with me you can call me ‘stranger’ till
I become your God,” he whispered into my ear before peppering kisses on the
sensitive skin under my ear.

I nodded my head, letting him guide me toward the exit.


Abby Gale is an international author. She is an avid reader, former
blogger, and a pharmacist. She writes whatever storyline sucks her in, but
mostly her books will be erotica with some darkness in it.

Her debut novel Violet is an erotica-suspense with ménage relationship.

Her novella One Night Only is a short read based on a true story.


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