~Book Review~ “Pin Me Down” (Brewhouse Book 2) by Holly Dodd


I really enjoyed this second chance at love story by Holly Dodd.

Mia and Regi first meet in high school . . . where Regi knows right away that Mia is the one for him.  However, Mia’s past has caused her to not only have a commitment phobia, but not to believe in love.

Flash forward a few years where we find that while Mia can’t seem to love Regi, she can’t quit him either.  However, their sexual chemistry has never been an issue.  Random hook-ups keep happening between them and every time Regi tries to push for more, Mia simply pushes him away.

Things change in a big way when Regi’s coping mechanism of having meaningless one night stands, has him unknowingly getting up close and personal with Mia’s younger sister.  Feeling that this may be the last straw, Regi goes to Jo, Mia’s best friend for advice.  While Jo tells Mia to either love Regi or let him go for good, her advice for Regi is to give Mia everything he has and not back off when she tries to push him away.

Of course, dating does not come easy and Kevin must prove he is in it for the long haul while breaking through Mia’s commitment issues and feelings of unworthiness due to her childhood.

This is a great book about second chances and never giving up on the person you love.   I really enjoyed the twist that it was not the girl pining after the guy, but a very alpha male suffering his way through years of unrequited love.

I can’t wait to see where Holly Dodd takes us next with the Brewhouse series.

4.5 stars

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About the Book:

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N2ZV7T0

Mia Reynolds isn’t interested in relationships. She refuses to follow the same troubled path her codependent mother traveled. Now that she has graduated from college and found a real job, paying her loads of money, the world is hers for the plucking. She doesn’t need a man at her side, keeping her from having fun. Especially Regi, whose brandy-brown eyes and gravelly voice have haunted her since high-school. Together they’re gunpowder and fire, explosive but dangerous. She’s only willing to give him her body, but never her heart.

Regi O’Connell has been concealing his heartbreak for years. Despite the endless parade of women in his bed, throwing panties at him like confetti, there’s only one who girl who has claimed him, heart and soul. But Mia refuses to give him a chance outside of the sheets. He’s her dirty little secret, one she has no plans on revealing to the world.

Sometimes all it takes is one incident, one flash of regret, to change who you were, and become whom you are meant to be. Mia’s heart is unyielding, a lock-box without a key. She needs to let him in, or let him go. He’s giving it one more shot to show the women of his dreams that love doesn’t make you weak, but stronger than steel.

This second chance new adult romance novel features a commitment phobic heroine and the alpha male who loves her despite it. As always in a Holly Dodd book, there is NO cheating and an HEA guaranteed.

Trigger Warning: Situational and conversational. Secondary character menage.


About Holly Dodd:

Holly Dodd is an award-winning author. Her novel Covet won the 2016 RWA Beacon award for Romantic Suspense. A member of the Romance Writers of America, her stories are often spicy, with everything salacious right on the page. Ranging from the contemporary anti-hero, to paranormal and futuristic, she loves an Alpha Hero in any setting and a woman destined to keep him on his toes.

Calling Pennsylvania home, she loves autumn, the beach, and beautiful weather. When she’s not writing, reading, or baking, she’s wrangling her three psychotic felines, and wondering where her muse will take her to next.

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twitter: @HollyDodd80


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