~Book Review~ “Double Take” (Serial Killer Unit Book 1) by Allie Redman


Double Take tells the tale of a small town being terrorized by a serial killer.  As a rookie, Dawson Freeman walks into his first murder, only to discover his sister and her best friend were the victims.  Unable to walk away from the case or the failure and guilt he feels, Dawson instead lets the cold case consume his life for the next ten years, cutting off those he cares about most.

Flash forward ten years when a middle of the night call brings Dawson back to the small town he left behind to chase a killer . . . It seems, however, that the serial killer has upped his game this round and has targeted those Dawson loves.

While back in his home town, Dawson begins to realize just how much he has been missing the past decade.  Friends and family rally around him to beat the killer at his own game before he strikes again.  Dawson also reconnects with an old high school crush . . . quickly realizing that there is more to life than he has been living.

If you are a fan of serial killer / thriller / suspense, this is a great story line that will keep you guessing until the very end of the book.  Watching Dawson and his team track the killer is a great mind game.  It was also enjoyable watching Dawson grow emotionally when he realizes there is more to life that his sister’s murder case.  That being said, I feel the need to add that this book needs a good dose of editing.  There are a lot of issues with incorrect word usage, tense and grammar.  I found it distracting as it pulled me out of what is an interesting plot.

3.5 stars


About the Book:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2mK27J7

Dawson Freeman led a simple, small town life. He was beginning his career as a police officer in his hometown when tragedy struck and his sister was murdered….

10 years later Dawson is still chasing a murderer who disappeared without a trace but a call at 3 am changes all that.

Now Dawson is in a race for his life and the people around him trying to stop a psychotic killer hell bent on destroying him. Then just when he thinks he is on the right path a blast from his past comes back in the form of the sexy bombshell Sam.

Will Dawson be able to keep the people he loves safe or will a murderer slip through the cracks once again?


About the Author:

So I’m a true book nerd through and through. I have always loved books, my favorite book as a child was Where the red fern grows. My tastes have changed but my love of reading has only gotten stronger and now I get to share all that love with you. you cab always come join me on facebook and twitter where there will also be giveaways. Happy reading all and remember leave a review we live off them.

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