~Book Review~ “Tattooed & Alone for Christmas” (Part one) (The Possessed Series) by K.L. Donn



Best friends their entire lives, Greer and Eli have decided their fate is to be a part of a permanent triad, and that it is time to find that special third who will compete their relationship.  Of course, they never expected to find her in a tattoo parlor when they walk into an appointment with Jet Ryhan.

Jet has always been different.  Unfortunately, rather than celebrate her uniqueness, her parents and family have ostracized her since she was a young child.  Jet has found her success and creative outlet as one of the best tattoo artists in the country, even owning her own shop in her early 20s.  However, beneath her tough and confidence exterior, feelings of being unwanted and not good enough remain.

From the moment Greer and Eli walk into her shop, sparks fly between the threesome.  The men know immediately that this pierced and tattooed beauty is the perfect woman to complete them.  However, can they convince Jet that she was meant to be theirs?

I loved this holiday novella.  KL did an amazing job of creating three very unique characters for this story.  I love that Jet is foul mouthed, confident and independent, yet has baggage and vulnerabilities that many people hide beneath the surface.  Greer and Eli also make the perfect pair of friends – having opposite personalities that truly complement one another.  Together they bring everything possible to a relationship with a woman.  The hotness level of this book is pretty off the charts.  My only complaint is that I want more of this trio now!

4.5 stars.


About the Book:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2mtzkI3

Jet Ryhan is the girl next door. A dark haired, green eyed beauty.
Only she has one flaw…
Or so society says…
She is tattooed and pierced.
Familiar with the sting of unjustified stigma’s, rejection became her best friend, and betrayal kept her warm at night.
So why would she risk going home for Christmas only to be criticized and belittled again?
Why would she leave the comfortable warmth of her tattoo parlor?
Three reasons:
Loneliness is a cold hearted bitch.

Greer Latimore.

Eli Saxton.

Roommates, business partners, best friends.
They shared everything.
Greer Latimore and Eli Saxton were tired of being alone for the holidays.
They wanted to explore something new, someone new.
They found new possibilities in a spit fire tattoo shop owner, when they went looking for what they thought was a man; the best man in the business.
Turns out he was a she.
Too bad she ran away before they could tell her they wanted more.
They’d give her three reasons to come home though:
The love of two men who would worship her.
Enough happiness to last a lifetime.
Loyalty till their dying day.

Sigh…. I’m doing it… This book ends in a cliffhanger… nothing brutal, it really is a fun read. But there’s more to their story!

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About the Author:

Krystal is a 29-year-old stay at home mom of 4 children, 3 boys, and 1 girl, she has a love for reading that she shares with them anyway she can. Her daughter is forever asking her to write a children’s book just for her, that she might consider. She has been with her hubby, Steve, for 12 years, happily married for 10 of them. She was first an avid reader, then an enthusiastic blogger, and has now finally had her dreams come true and become a writer. More often than not she can be found at home with her family, reading, writing, or scrapbooking. She is a coffee addict, book-aholic, and loves to hear from her fans.


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