~Book Review~ “The Edge of Life” by Rachael Tonks


The story opens with almost 18 year old Kailee being dropped off to stay with a supposed old family friend by her father. . . a friend she has never met or even heard of. Kailee is scared and confused and doesn’t know what to make of her new life.  In walk the Blackheart twins, Jax and Ryder . . . adding an unexpected twist to what seems like an already unfathomable existence for the young girl who recently lost her mother.

Drawn to both twins, Kailee knows they are bad news . . . criminals.  Yet, Jax is a sweet talker and gives Kailee the positive attention she craves.  Ryder is more volatile and often lets his temper get the best of him, but always seems to be there when Kailee needs him most.

Will Kailee be able to escape her new living situation, graduate from high school and navigate her relationships with the infamous Blackheart twins?  Especially when things are not at all what they seem . . .

Rachael Tonks did a great job of creating a must-read story that follows Kailee on her journey.  Kailee’s character is unbelievably strong and independent, but has just enough naivete to seem like a real young adult.  While identical, the Blackheart twins are opposite in almost every way.  The author keeps you guessing as to where the true trouble and danger lie, with unexpected plot twists that keep the plot line quickly moving forward.  You never really know who is a true ally and who has your best interest at heart until it’s almost too late.

4 stars!


About the Book:

Kailee’s new neighbors are just that. They are also hot, tattooed identical twins. Identical in almost every way. She knows she should fear them, but she can’t.
Ryder is explosive, always fighting for what he wants. He fears nothing. Except for Kailee.
Jax uses his mind instead of his fists to get ahead. He takes what he wants. Kailee included.
Fists will fly.
Blood will be shed.
Lives will be changed forever.
About the Author:
Rachael Tonks is a new to the scene author with a love of books, and a particular love of the romance genre. As a child Rachael could always be found with her head in a book, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 when Rachael’s love of books really took over. Reading spurred on her desires to put pen to paper, and write down the story of the characters screaming for their story to be told. Starting out her career with a new adult romance novel, she is currently working on her fourth full length novel which she plans to release early 2017. Rachael lives in the steely suburb of Sheffield, in the north of England with family, and her 2 crazy dogs. She loves nothing more reading with a good cup of tea and is self-proclaimed chocoholic!



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