~Book Review~ “Bad Boy Neighbor” by Maddie King


Brooke Reed can’t stand her neighbor.  His constant partying and arrogance rub her the wrong way.  Xander Wilson is the quintessential bad boy.  He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and lives his life the way he wants.  However, he can’t seem to get Brooke out of his head . . . and what Xander wants, he usually finds a way to get.

Bad Boy Neighbor, by Maddie King, is a fun, super-hot read that is not to be taken seriously.  The plot is completely outrageous and the characters are over the top.  I love that the author was completely upfront that this book was intended to be nothing more than an amusing story with lots of scorching sex scenes.  I really enjoyed this little bit of escapism with Xander as the alpha bad boy falling for his neighbor, the vivacious and sassy Brooke.

If you are looking for a quick, easy to read fun bit of smut, one click Bad Boy Neighbor today!

4 stars


About the Book:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2obVdkc

My neighbor is an arrogant prick.
I’ve lived across the street from him for three years and I’m fed up with his constant partying. He’s the neighborhood bad boy and everyone is afraid to confront him – everyone but me.
When I go to put my foot down one night, I’m in for much more than I thought.
He’s going to show me who the boss of the neighborhood is and he doesn’t care if I like it or not.
You will be always my darling
About the Author:
Maddie King is an everyday family woman, but when the night comes, she’s an undercover freak writing naughty stories with feisty heroines and sexy, irresistible alpha males. All of her books are HEA guaranteed.
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