~Book Review~ “What the Heart Wants” An Opposites Attract Anthology from the authors of Enchanted Publications

WTHW Cover


This anthology featured 10 short stories where opposites attract and love is found in unexpected places and ways.  Each story is a stand-alone and completely unique to the rest of the collection.  There is really something for everyone in this anthology, with cowboys, doctors, students, musicians, actors and more.  It is a feel-good read that leaves you feeling happy and wanting more, but in the best of ways.

While I enjoyed all of the stories in this book, those that resonated most with me were Drive Me Crazy, Holiday and Meet-Cute.  Drive Me Crazy has opposites attracting on a Friday night after a rotten first date in an Uber.  Holiday tells the tale of a new divorcee finding herself again while on a holiday in London.  And Meet-Cute is an adorable story of a holiday and writer that have  first meeting more entertaining than any screenplay.

If you are looking for some great summer romance that is light hearted and will leave you feeling happy, one click What the Heart Wants today!

4 stars

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About the Book:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2prfzm8


She’s a rebel. He follows the rules.

He’s a romantic. She doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers.
Sometimes opposites attract.
Sometimes love doesn’t make sense.
But you know what they say:
The heart wants…
What the heart wants.

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About Enchanted Publications:

Enchanted Publications is a group of authors who work together to provide quality, well-developed novels while maintaining publication control of their works. We offer affiliations with various resources, such as, editors, pre-readers, cover designers, book formatting services, bloggers, and promotional services to ensure a professional experience for every author. Enchanted thrives on authors helping authors by offering experience and trust throughout the group.

Our works fall in the adult, new adult, and young adult genres, ranging from supernatural, thriller, contemporary, and erotic romance. We are proud of our diversity, and are open to all coupling combinations. As a group of authors for authors, we believe our works are art, and therefore our talents shouldn’t be censored.

For more information on us and our authors go to: http://www.enchantedpublications.com/.

Members of Enchanted Publications

Jami Denise

Carrie Elks

T.M. Franklin

Lindsey Gray

Jiffy Kate

Jennifer Locklear

Sydney Logan

Jeanne McDonald

Melanie Moreland

Ayden K. Morgen

Jo Richardson


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