~Book Review~ “True to You” (A Love Happens Novel Book 3) by Jodi Watters



While I truly enjoyed books one and two of the Love Happens series, I can honestly say that True to You was in a class of its own!  I laughed, I cried, at times I wanted to throw my kindle . . . but throughout, I completely fell in love with by Ash and Liv!

Love at first sight. . . it struck Olivia Quinn and Asher Coleson when they least expected it.  After a literal whirlwind courtship when Ash was home on a short 72 hours leave from his covert ops military unit, Ash and Liv declare their love and marry a few short months later, when he is again home on leave.

Life was hard but good for two years.  Ash was away for more than he was home, but Liv kept busy working at the Coleson Creek Winery waiting for his sporadic visits and phone calls.  Both were thrilled when together . . . when personal tragedy strikes, however, their marriage disintegrated.

Both Liv and Ash are now trapped in their pasts, barely living in the present and unable to see a future with or without each other.  Both foster feelings of guilt, resentment, love and even hate towards one another . . . yet neither can completely let go even though they have not had any contact for four years.

When Liv finally comes to Ash for a divorce, he offers her a deal . . . give him the summer to win her back.  She agrees knowing she can never let go of the hatred she holds deep in her heart . . . . but once together, can they move past their tragic past to have a chance at a future together or will they forever keep hurting each other, unable to move on and truly have a second chance at the love still buried deep in both of them.

Jodi Watters truly created magic with this book.  Both Ash and Liv are beautifully flawed and trapped, unable to truly process the unthinkable.  Circumstances kept them physically apart when they most needed to be together, and harsh words said in the heat of the moment have kept them separated even longer.  However, it is clear that this couple is still very much in love if they can let go of the baggage dragging them down.

The dialogue is sharp and witty.  Ash and Liv are truly well matched and love verbal sparring.  While heart breaking and even frustrating at times, the story is beautifully written as these characters truly struggle with how to move on and forgive themselves as well as each other.  The rest of the Scorpio team, especially office manager Carrie Mendoza add to the humorous dialogue to help lighten the story as well.

While it could be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading books one and two in the series first, as these characters are woven into True to You’s plot, and readers can also enjoy catching up with these couples.

Grab yourself glass of wine, a red velvet cupcake and a box of tissues and let True to You take you on a relationship voyage meant to test even the most committed of couples.  5 stars!




About the Book:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2rkE7lq



Some people said that love and hate couldn’t coexist. That such polarizing emotions could never be assigned to one singular thing at the same time. That much like roller coasters or Brussels sprouts, you either felt love or you felt hate, but never both. Common ground was nowhere to be found, forcing a person to pick a side.
Olivia Quinn would tell those people that they’d never met Asher Coleson.
Never met him. Never touched him. Never loved him.
And never hated him.

Asher Coleson hadn’t always lived his life from the outside looking in. That neat little trick of the mind started somewhere around four years ago. Right about the time he’d gone to sleep one night living the American dream and woken up the next morning in his own private nightmare.
Considering he was a front-lines defender of that American dream, it was irony at its best.
But that didn’t change his life story.
Magic to tragic, in less time than it took paint to dry.


All books in the LOVE HAPPENS SERIES can be read on their own, or as a companion to the other books in the series:
Next to Me (Sam)
Wrong then Right (Beckett)
True to You (Asher)



About the Author:

My love for steamy romance began when I was in junior high. A friend and I came upon a dumpster of discarded paperbacks behind our small town’s Ben Franklin store. Covers missing and each book torn in two, split right down the center of the spline, I scanned the pages for any love or lust words—and curse words, too. From that point on, I scoured the public library and our local discount store, devouring anything labeled romance. I said a tearfully grateful goodbye to Judy Bloom as Jackie Collins began ruling my world.

I live with my high school sweetheart turned husband and our three, beloved DVR’s, in the desert Southwest. Otherwise known as the surface of the sun during the summer.

My life long goals are to think before I speak, smile more and swear less, and actually weigh what my driver’s license states I do. And I have been contemplating a hair color change for the last decade. I’m thinking red.

I love to interact with my readers, so I invite you to connect with me online. jodiwattersauthor@outlook.com





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