~Book Review~ “Professor With Benefits” by Mickey Miller


Welcome to Blackwell . . . a typical small town in America . . . where no one seems to be quite who they appear to be.

Cole Hanks left town after graduating 8 years ago, but is back to care for his sick mother.  He is hired at the local university to teach a course on sexual psychology.  What he didn’t count on was one of his student’s propositioning him in his office and begging him to teach her everything he knows about sex.

Rose Allison is a good girl, but has dreams of becoming a sex therapist.  She has one major problem, however . . . she has no personal experience.  Who better to give her hands-on experience while teaching her all about sex than her hunky (and hung) new professor Cole Hanks.

Throwing the rule book out the door and risking both career and reputation, Hank agrees spend the summer with the beautiful, intelligent and sassy Rose . . . 60 days of sex and sin . . . completely on the down low, of course.  While their chemistry is smoking hot and both are enjoying their sexual adventures, neither is prepared for what happens when their summer of fun is up, especially when both start developing feelings they are not quite sure if the other reciprocates.

Add in the over-sexed Dean (who just happens to be Rose’s mother) who continually propositions Hank, her quirky spouse, who doesn’t seem to care that his wife has the hots for the new professor, a best friend trying to figure out just why Rose has been so secretive, a class full of students there only to stare at their hunky prof and a stoner that always seems to be where the action is and hilarity ensues.

Mickey Miller created a unique blend of a sexy professor / student BDSM romance with a true comedic edge that brings just the right amount of both heat and laughter to Professor with Benefits.  Cole and Rose have great rapport.  Their chemistry is off the charts, yet their rapport is fantastic as well.  I really enjoyed watching them move from a sixty day, no strings contract to something that became much more.  It’s fun watching them try to keep their super sexy escapades on the down low and even more fun watching them start needing each other more and more . . . and not just for sex.  Rose’s grandparents . . . probably one of the oldest and most affectionate couples in Blackwell . . . are also a great edition to the cast of quirky characters.

With a great cast of characters, some hot sex-capades and a truly jaw-dropping plot twist that left me speechless, Mickey Miller knocked it out of the park with his firs Dom-Com Romance.  5 stars!  I can’t wait to see what’s up next for the kinky town of Blackwell!


About the Book:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2sgkaJT


I’m studying to be a sex therapist, and I haven’t even had sex yet. Which is why I decide that Professor Hanks is going to be the one to take my virginity.
I want Professor Hanks to be my dom.
Hung Hanks. That’s what they call him. All the students know Professor Hanks’ reputation since he grew up in Blackwell.
Small town high school football star turned Harvard Ph.D. Only in town to care for his dying mother. Too good for ‘local’ girls.
I’ve done my research, and he’s the perfect candidate for what I want. Hot, smart, dominant.
Did I mention hung?

Cole Hanks:
Sixty Days. That’s all she wants from me.
Not even a full semester.
Rose Allison wants me to be her dom for two months, and then she’s done with me. She wants me to show her how to be the perfect little submissive and then move on.
But the thing is, sixty days isn’t nearly enough for me. Once I get started, I have to finish her.
There’s just one big problem.
She’s a student. I’m her professor. Our romance isn’t exactly in line with school policy.
Sure, you’ve heard of student teacher romances before.
Except this one has an ending no one saw coming.
Not even me.

**Professor with Benefits is a 60,000+ Standalone novel with an HEA. It gets down and dirty so enjoy!**


About the Author:

Mickey is one of seven men who are members of the Romance Writers of America. He loves playing sports, performing improv, and pineapples. After trying his hand at screenwriting, he found his passion being one of a handful of guys who writes over-the-top contemporary romance novels. He lives in Chicago, IL and yes, his Grandmother knows what he does for a living. But she’s cool about it and keeps it on the DL.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormickeymiller/

Mickey’s Misfits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112649979205719/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MickeyMiller29

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mickey_Miller29/

Website: http://www.mickeymillerauthor.com/



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