~Book Review~ “Wrong Place, Right Time” (Solitary Soldiers Book 1) by A.T. Brennan


Kenzie Smoak, hospital nurse, calm under pressure and a very solitary individual.  After escaping an abusive relationship, she faces extreme anxiety and finds it safer to keep to herself . . .no friends or relationships means she can’t get hurt again.

Tyler Davidson, medically discharged Marine, shows the world an act that all is well in his world, but in reality, struggles with extreme PTSD.  He floats from one menial job to another just trying to take life one day at a time without his flashbacks getting the best of him.

Both were in the wrong place at the right time . . . neither expected their lives to careen into one another when they stopped at the gas station on their ways home from work . . .but an armed robber had other plans.

What ensues is a truly beautiful mess of two people struggling to find themselves as well as develop a relationship.  Neither is truly in the right place to start a relationship, but their attraction is undeniable and they find themselves needing one another in unexpected ways.

This was the first book I read by A.T. Brennan, and I have fallen in love.  Kenzie and Tyler have both been so much and are so beautifully broken.  Their struggles feel so real.  Emotionally this book took me on a rollercoaster of extreme ups and downs . . .knowing any sort of relationship between then would probably be disastrous but hoping it could happen anyway.

I love how the author explored PTSD from both a domestic violence and military viewpoint.  This topic is so important in today’s world, and she handled it with class and care while still showing how it can truly control a person’s life, especially around those who don’t take the time to understand its affects.

I really enjoyed this book and loved the journey A.T.Brennan takes readers on as they watch both Kenzie and Tyler grow as survivors, as individuals and as a couple.  5 stars!


About the Book:  

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2sIxSYK



Kenzie Smoak has been trying to be invisible since escaping an abusive relationship five years ago. She’s a typical girl with a few extra pounds, a tendency to overthink things, and nearly crippling social anxiety. Kenzie thought she had her life under control, until the night she found herself in the wrong place at the right time.

Tyler Davidson has been floating and trying to survive since leaving the military five years ago. Left with a disfigured leg and a serious case of PTSD, he’s doing his best to pretend that he’s fine and still the handsome and charismatic playboy he was before his injury.

After being involved in an armed robbery together, Kenzie and Tyler begin an emotional and turbulent journey of personal discovery and emotional ups and downs. Will her low sense of worth and his inability to truly give in to his emotions be their undoing? Or will they be able to put the past behind them and move forward together?

*A portion of all sales from this novel will be donated to a charity that helps veterans and their families.
**This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers or cheating, but does have depictions of sex. 18+ only.


About the Author:


A.T. Brennan, who also writes under the name Mandie Mills, is a romance and erotica author. A native of Ottawa, Canada, she enjoys picking up and moving from city to city every few years. A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, current entrepreneur and freelance writer, she enjoys spending her days working on her many projects and her nights writing and not getting enough sleep. Currently she lives on Canada’s East Coast with her family, both two- and four-legged. She enjoys collecting books and exploring the different sides of romance and romantic expression in her works.

You can visit her at http://www.mandiemillsauthor.com, or on Facebook at A.T. Brennan Author, and also at Author Mandie Mills.




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