~Book Review~ “A Ghoul’s Kiss” Ghoul’s Kisses #1 by J.M. Stoneback

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Sarah Clemmon’s isn’t looking for a relationship, but when her best friend pushes her into a blind date, her life is changed forever in the blink of an eye.

Eric, King of the Ghouls, hates humans.  But, when he comes across a bleeding and unconscious Sarah, he has an overwhelming need to save her.

Neither Eric nor Sarah is prepared for the sparks that fly between them as Sarah begins to realize that the world is not at all what it seems and Eric discovers that Sarah may literally be the key to saving his people as both a doctor and scientist as well as the owner of a magical key that unlocks a mythical book with secretes on how to overthrow the Vampire forever.

J.M. Stoneback had me instantly hooked with this book.  It is a truly unique storyline and a great start to her new series!  Sarah is intelligent and sassy.  When she starts understanding her new reality, she is completely intrigued as a doctor and scientist and immediately craves more knowledge.  Eric is all alpha, and not ready to settle down forever.  However, he is drawn to Sarah and begins having feelings that are much more than just friendship for her.  Their relationship is rocky to start, and it is enjoyable to watch them navigate their feelings for one another.

The book has a very interesting cast of characters I hope to learn more about in upcoming books as Sarah and Eric continue chasing their destiny.  As I reader, I know there is more to come, but this book is by no means a cliff hanger as the current storyline is resolved by the end of the book. (YEAH!)  The plot was action packed and thrilling and was a great mix of adventure and romance.  If you enjoy PNR, this is a very enjoyable read.  4 stars.


Title: A Ghoul’s Kiss
Series: Ghoul’s Kisses #1
Author: J.M. Stoneback
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 3, 2017 

She has the key.

He steals her heart.

Oncologist Sarah Clemons’s world is about to get turned upside down. Going on a blind date seemed like a good idea until a tragic incident lands her–injured–in Ghoul King Eric Faye’s mansion.

Eric doesn’t trust humans. After all, ghouls have never found a reason to need humans in their lives. The closer he gets to Sarah, the more he realizes how important she truly is: Sarah holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the mystical book, The Zenith, which can change the path of his people forever. Eric and Sarah set out to find the book together, the journey leading them on perilous paths as they try to deny their passion and desire for one another. Can they let go of the fears of their pasts to find a future together?

“You won’t just be a fuck to me.”

“You are King, Eric. Why don’t you want someone who is a ghoul?”

I’ve seen the women of his race; they are beautiful. Odessa, Kate, and even the servants are drop-dead gorgeous. Compared to them, I look like an ogre.

“I’m not as beautiful as the women in your race,” I say, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Sarah, look at me,” he orders. When I don’t follow his demand, he tilts my chin forcing me to look up at him. “Don’t ever say you’re not beautiful,” he continues. “You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.” He presses his lips against mine, threading his fingers through my hair. His tongue roams my mouth, making my body thrum to life. I have never been this intimate with a guy. His kiss tells me that he is telling the truth about how he feels, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling insecure.

 J.M.Stoneback currently reside in Georgia with her husband and three boys. Her hobbies are reading, writing, playing video games, traveling, and watching anime.



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