W W W Wednesday ~ July 5, 2017

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words.

Simply answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?


My current read is Flowers On The Wall (Hart Of Rock And Roll Book 1) by Mary J. Williams.  This is one of my Quirky Blind Dates for the month and I am really enjoying it so far, although I am only a few chapters in.  Ryder is a rock god that clawed his way to the top from an abusive childhood.  Quinn is a photographer that had come from a supportive and well off family, until she decided to pursue her dream, rather than her fathers.  So far so good . .  . 


Ok, I am editing this to add that I just finished this book early this morning and I loved it!  It’s a great love story and I really enjoyed the depth of both Ryder and Quinn’s characters and was happy to see them get their HEA.  I was excited to learn there are 3 more books in the series, one for each band mate, so I know I will be continuing on with this series



What did you recently finish reading?


So, without realizing it until I started working in this post, I hit a pattern this week of books with alpha men who said they would never have a relationship who ended up falling hard and fast for sexy, sassy and intelligent women who know exactly how to handle them!


I finally got to read Lexi Blake’s Revenge.  This book was so good and an amazing ending to the Lawless trilogy.  I immediately fell in love with Drew Lawless, the sexy geek who truly sucks at interpersonal relationships.  I admit that he quickly became my favorite of the Lawless brothers.  Investigative reporter, Shelby Gates is truly a perfect match for Drew.  I love their rapport and her willingness to give Drew what he needs, even when he doesn’t realize he needs it.  This is not a standalone, and Ruthless and Satisfaction should definitely be read first.


I found the time to sneak in Sawyer Bennet’s Wicked Fall,  which I picked up as a freebie. This book was super hot!  I loved how sassy Callie Hayes is as she attempts to figure out just who she was and what she wants in life after ending a boring and somewhat controlling engagement.  Woolf Jennings makes for a very hot alpha male who, while claiming he will never fall in love, gets bitten by the relationship bug. Both Callie and Woolf have danced around one another since childhood and watching them come to terms with one another as adults was truly enjoyable.  I loved the unique premise of this book and bought the Wicked Horse Boxed Set so that I can continue on with these characters . . . I need to find out what Bridger’s back story is!


I also found a new to me author, Leela Lou Dahlin, who reached out asking if I would like to review book one in her new series Club Kink.   Flipping Her Switch was a really fun start to a new series.  The male lead and club owner, Axel, claims he will never fall in love, but ends up falling hard and fast for Kaia and isn’t quite sure what to do about it. Kaia is also a great character who is struggling to discover how and if she actually fits into the world of kink.  Flipping Her Switch is a fun, fast and steamy read and I am excited to know that book two in the series has an expected release date of mid August.


What do you think you’ll read next?


I am super torn right now about what to read next.  I have quite a few arcs on my calendar for this month, but none with review dates in the next seven days. So, do I do the smart thing and read ahead so I am not overwhelmed mid month, or do I grab something off of my personal TBR list?


I will probably choose either Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI novel by T.J. Spade or Finding Trust (Centre Games Series Book 1) by Natalie Gayle.  Sweet Dreams is a crime / suspense story centering around a serial killer back from the dead who has abducted five new victims to play with.  Finding Trust is a romantic suspense that tells the story of a woman out for a night of fun that unexpectedly gets caught up in a terrorist plot that threatens the use of biological weapons.  Both books sound completely different from last week’s reads, so I am looking forward to the change in pace.


 What are you reading this week? Leave me your links down below!

13 thoughts on “W W W Wednesday ~ July 5, 2017

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  1. It’s funny how you seem to hit runs of books with similar themes. I can never work out if it’s coincidence or if it’s just a theme that’s become a lot more common. I do like the alpha male who doesn’t want a relationship read so it doesn’t sound like too bad a thing to me 🙂

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    1. They were all great reads . . . it just hit me smack in the face when I started writing the post . . . and next weeks reads already seem to have darker under tones, so we shall see,


  2. I’m constantly telling myself that I should read ahead and get some of my review copies done before they’re due, but I never do, haha. I always end up trying to squeeze in one of my own books in between.

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