W W W Wednesday ~ July 12, 2017

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words.

Simply answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?


I am currently reading an arc copy of Adonis in Athens by Kat Mizera.   I was excited for this book because I really loved her Inferno series, which was incredibly hot, but also had some darker undertones.  So far, this has book feels much lighter.  

Paige longs for adventure.  When her boyfriend of almost 2 years proposes in a very public manner, Paige realizes that they just don’t want the same things in life . . . she is in no way ready to settle down and have 2.5 children and a white picket fence.  Oh, and did she mention, she may or may not have married a weekend fling while on Spring Break 3 years ago?  

This book has been great fun so far and is really a great vacation read!


What did you recently finish reading?


This week, I was able to finish two short stories and a longer novel . . . which meant I did not get to everything on my TBR for the week . . . but I am really happy with what I did read!

Aaron L. Speer’s The Independents II was a A fun and thought-provoking horror quickie!  For those of you that enjoy satire, Aaron has mastered it with his two short stories that revolve around what happens when an author in the Indie book community doesn’t play nicely.  I am usually not a fan of a short story (both of the Independents books were under 30 pages), however, these stories felt full and complete and had amazing depth of characters.  I highly recommend both if you like a little bit of a fright!

The other short story I finished this week was Dear Gage by K.L. Donn.  While K.L is known for menage, this is a really sweet story about a young boy named Tommy who becomes a pen-pal to a deployed active duty soldier. Tommy lives with his mom and lacks a father figure in his life.  He immediately latches on to his pen pal and begins to bare his soul and family situation to the soldier . . . going so far as to try and hook his mom up with Gage.  This is definitely a feel good book that will leave you smiling ear to ear and I was glad to hear that the author has plans to continue on with this series.

My last book this week was Finding Trust by Natalie Gayle.  This was a phenomenal Quirky Blind Date for me!  Finding Trust was a romantic suspense that told the story of a woman out for a night of fun that unexpectedly got caught up in a terrorist plot that threatens the use of biological weapons.  This book was almost 400 pages and took up a good portion of my week, but was well worth it!  The characters are likable (so much so that I will probably find the time to continue on with the series – although this can be read as a stand-alone) and the book is action packed.  This is a really neat paranormal / sci-fi twist that I was not expecting, but added a lot of depth to the story.  It was truly a unique concept and a well written book.  I have not finished my review yet, but this book will be getting 5 stars from me!



What do you think you’ll read next?


I have a lot of promised arc reviews between now and the end of the month, so it is time to start prioritizing by release dates.

Kyla (The Highland Clan Book 9) by Keira Montclair released earlier this week.  Keira is one of my favorite historical romance authors and I love her tales set in the Highlands of Scotland.  The highland Clan series focuses on the children of her characters from the Clan Grant series, so all of these characters truly feel like family and it is very easy for me to fall back into her world and catch up with old friends!

Lukas (This is Our Life #4) is also on my TBR for the week.  While this is book four in the series, each book is written as a stand-alone with a happy ever after.  The blurb doesn’t tell too much of what to expect plot wise, except that Lukas is a broken man, put back together by Sage . . . who can’t seem to commit.  We shall see . . . .

I didn’t get to Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI Novel this week, but it is still on my radar . . . I plan to have it done by the end of the month, as the story line really does sound intriguing.  I just felt like I needed to move on to something lighter (and a bit shorter) after being engrossed in Finding Trust for a good portion of last week.


 What are you reading this week? Leave me your links down below!

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    1. I really enjoyed both books . . . they were completely different in intensity and which made for lovely reading. FYI, Finding Trust is currently a freebie on Amazon, so it is definitely worth adding to your TBR.


  1. Adonis in Athens sounds like a really good book! I may have to check that one out. All the other ones look good as well though! Looks like a great week so far for you! 😀

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