~Book Review~ “Kyla” (The Highland Clan Book 9) by Keira Montclair


My Review:

The Grants and their allies have had a rough year and it looks like war is on the horizon once again.  Hoping to stave off another battle, The Grant’s eldest daughter is convinced she must reach out to Davina Buchan . . . the daughter of their clan’s enemy.  Slipping away to join with a scouting party, Kyla finds herself included in the mission as long as she keeps her brother’s second, Finlay MacNicol with her at all times as her protector.

When Finlay MacNicol finds himself assigned as Kyla’s protector, he begins to see her in a different light.  While he has known her since they were children, he is finally seeing her as a brave and determined young woman with one of the biggest hearts in all the Highlands.  Their attraction to one another is immediate, however, Finlay does not feel he is worthy of marrying the Great Alexander Grant’s daughter.

When the scouting mission turns sour and The Grants are thrown off Buchan land, Kyla is determined to save Davina from her abusive father no matter the cost while also trying to avoid a war between their clans.  When she convinces Finlay to assist, their lives become intertwined forever and it will be up to the Grants and all their allies to return peace to their beloved Highlands.

This installment of Keira Montclair’s Highland Clan series was a true celebration of all the characters readers have come to know and love throughout the Clan Grant Books as well as this series.  When Kyla finds herself in danger, all the clans (Grants, Ramsays, Drummonds, and Camerons) join to not only save her, but rid the land of the enemies that have been attempting to destroy their peace once and for all.

I loved Kyla’s character.  She was a wonderful mix of intelligence and caring thrown in with bravery.  She knew what she had to do to protect the one’s she loved even if it cost her.  Finlay was a great match to Kyla.  Quick to laughter and humor, he is also a great warrior and protector.  His personal struggles show readers depth to his personality and add a unique twist to the story that really adds to the plot.

As always, it is a joy to see how our favorite characters are faring . . . especially when the clan gathers together for times of trouble as well as in times of celebration.  I think that is one of the reasons I truly love Keira’s books . . . these characters really feel like family.  And, while we have been reading about the same clans for two generations, each tale is a unique story to that couple and always feels fresh and exciting.

Kyla receives 5 stars as I impatiently await Bethia Ramsay’s story!



About the Book:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2viHZB0


Read the next in the family saga of the historical Scottish Grant and Ramsay clans.

She convinces her brother’s best friend to help her stop a war. But will they provoke one instead?

Kyla Grant once believed her sire, the legendary Alexander Grant, was invincible, but his brush with death changed her mind. The whole clan is still reeling from Alex’s battle injury when a new threat arises from their long-time rivals, the Buchan clan. Kyla, convinced that the Grants cannot take another battle, is desperate for a peaceful resolution. Her plan is to make a personal appeal to the Buchan’s only living child, Davina, but she knows her parents would never allow her to risk her safety…

Finlay MacNicol is always quick with a joke, but life has never given him less to laugh about. His mother is dying, and yet another battle is on the horizon. When his laird assembles a group of warriors for a scouting mission to the Buchans, Finlay does his duty and joins them. He thought he knew what to expect from the mission, but he certainly didn’t expect that Kyla would sneak along, or that his laird would assign him as her protector. Kyla’s beauty has always affected Finlay, but her bravery and sweetness soon stir deeper feelings.

After visiting Davina, Kyla becomes determined to rescue the lass from the clutches of her abusive sire. Finlay agrees to help her, but there’s a risk they may provoke a war rather than prevent one.



About the Author:

Keira Montclair is the pen name of an author who lives in Florida with her husband. She loves to write fast-paced, emotional romance, especially with children as secondary characters in her stories.

She has worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics and recovery room nursing. Teaching is another of her loves, as she has taught both high school mathematics and practical nursing.

Now she loves to spend her time writing, but there isn’t enough time to write everything she wants! Her Highlander Clan Grant Series is a reader favorite is a series of eight stand-alone novels. The Summerhill Series is a contemporary romance series set in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in Western New York. Her third series, The Highland Clan, is set twenty years after the Clan Grant Series and will focus on the Grant/Ramsay descendants.

You may contact her through her website at http://www.keiramontclair.com. She also has a Facebook account and a twitter account through Keira Montclair. If you send her an email through her website, she promises to respond.


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