~Weekly Meme~ That’s What He Said Thursday – Levi Hogan – “One Choice” by K.L. Donn

That’s What He Said is a weekly meme hosted by @Chapter Break. Here’s the deal: every Thursday, post a line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from dialog in the books. The quote doesn’t have to be romantic – it can be anything spoken by a book boyfriend. Be sure to link up over at Chapter Break as well!


Levi Hogan is a man with a secret.  Unable to ignore the discontent and darkness he feels, he takes it out on others as a fighter in an underground ring.  Pounding on his opponents helps to fill the hole in his soul . . . but not entirely.

Hayes Morrison has been through more than most people her age.   While training to compete for Olympic Gold, she is hit by a car and her life changes instantly.  Left with a painful life, she is devastated both physically and emotionally.  

When Levi and Hayes literally collide, there is no turning back for either of them.  Levi is all alpha, and Hayes is as independent as they come . . .but together they just seem to fit and bring peace to one another’s souls.


Even though they have not know one another all that long, and have many obstacles standing in their way, including their age difference and emotional baggage carried by both, Levi asks of Hayes . . . “Make me your choice and I’ll worship you for as long as you let me.”


For a man of few words, he certainly knows what to say when it counts!


Read Levi and Hayes’ story today!  


One Choice, by K.L. Donn can be found at the following retailers.

Amazon: myBook.to/OneChoice

iBooks:  http://tinyurl.com/y9qgdx9m

B&N:  http://tinyurl.com/y9kx8tsy

Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/y98jowle


 Leave a comment letting me know if  you have a favorite character or quote from one of K.L. Donn’s books.


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