~Book Review~ “Mechanic with Benefits” by Mickey Miller


My Review:

Car trouble is the last thing that Haley needs while driving across the country to her sister’s wedding . . . especially car trouble in the middle of nowhere.  After hiking miles in heels, she finally comes across a mechanic . . . too bad he appears to be an absolute jerk!

All Liam wanted was a quiet night to himself.  Of course, that changes when a city girl appears at his shop demanding he fix her car immediately.  She is obnoxious as can be, but damn she is hot.

Of course, first impressions can be deceiving . . . especially when off the charts chemistry has both Haley and Liam doing things they normally wouldn’t.  Hot and steamy one night stand – check!  Road trip to act like a fake couple for a wedding – check!  The ability to keep their hands off of one another . . . now that is not so easy!

What happens when the fake relationship starts feeling a bit too real for both Haley and Liam?  Sparks fly and soul searching begins to happen . . . but will that be enough for a fake relationship to become real?  One-click today to find out!

Mickey Miller created one hot as heck road trip romance with Mechanic with Benefits.  Liam is a cocky as heck alpha who really doesn’t care about what other people think . . . until Haley appears in the picture.  Haley is sassy as can be and is tired of trying to make others happy – it’s time she does what she wants and needs . . . and she wants Liam!

While this book is an erotic read, it has a great plot.  There is more to both Liam and Haley than we first see on the surface that starts to show as they begin having feelings for one another.  Haley’s family adds an interesting dynamic once they arrive at the wedding and has quite a twist I didn’t see coming.

I really enjoyed this book as Mickey Miller did a great job of giving readers as much heat as they could handle while still delivering a top-notch story line!

4.5 stars!

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About the Book:


How to find a wedding date at the last second:
1) Overheat your car on your cross country road trip
2) Make sure it’s storming
3) Have a one night stand with the sexiest mechanic you’ve ever seen
Liam is the perfect rebound to bring to my sister’s wedding.
And with my car still on the fritz, it can’t hurt to have a sexy mechanic along for the ride, right?
I’m not looking for anything serious. Not after my last horrible breakup.
Besides, Liam is such a cocky jerk. I can barely stand listening to him. Although I love looking at his handsome face and ripped, gorgeous body.
The man works well with his hands, and he’s great at running his mouth, too.
I can’t trust this arrogant mechanic. But maybe I’ll let him have another ride.

I’m a F*cking asshole and I know it.
And you know what? I don’t give a sh*t.
But one look at Haley turns me into a steel rod.
She wants me along for the ride. Luckily, I’m always up for an adventure.
I’ll say whatever she wants to her family if it means I get another night tasting that sweet honey nectar of hers.
There’s just one problem. Our fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.
I want to bring Haley back to Blackwell with me.
Now I just have to convince her…

**Mechanic with Benefits is a steamy contemporary romance standalone with an HEA. A bonus novel is also included for your reading pleasure!**

Buy Link:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2tLtTad

MechanicWithBenefits_Teaser5Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.

About the Author:


Mickey is one of seven men who are members of the Romance Writers of America. He loves playing sports, performing improv, and pineapples. After trying his hand at screenwriting, he found his passion being one of a handful of guys who writes over-the-top contemporary romance novels. He lives in Chicago, IL and yes, his Grandmother knows what he does for a living. But she’s cool about it and keeps it on the DL.

Connect with Mickey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormickeymiller/

Mickey’s Misfits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112649979205719/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MickeyMiller29

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mickey_Miller29/

Website: http://www.mickeymillerauthor.com/


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