~Book Review~ “Sapphire” Bratva Jewels #1 by J.A. Low

My Review:

Out for a night of fun with her sister, Zoe thinks she meets the man of her dreams.  It’s only when he is taking her back to Russia to meet his “family” that his deception comes to light and Zoe is forced to become one of the Bratva Jewels, one of the Russian mafia’s most desired escorts.  When she tries to escape, she is beaten and left for dead.

Mateo and Tomas are best friends and lovers . . . but their jobs and family keep them firmly in the closet. When they happen upon a badly beaten and unconscious woman, their lives are changed forever.

When she wakes, she has no memory of who she is or what happened to her.  Mateo and Tomas agree to allow her to stay with them so that she can be released from the hospital.  What they never expected was to find they are both attracted to her while remaining in love with one another.

As Zoe slowly starts to remember bits and pieces of her past, her life becomes more and more entwined with Tomas and Mateo and when they declare their attraction to her and offer her a permanent place in their lives and relationship, she can’t resist.

Of course, the Russian mafia is not about to let one of their famous jewels escape . . . and when they realize Zoe is alive, they will stop at nothing to steal her back.  Will Tomas and Mateo be able to keep her safe, or will the mafia destroy them all?

Sapphire, by J.A. Low was intense, amazing, full of suspense, ridiculously steamy and just toe curling good!

Tomas and Mateo are hotter than hell and oh-so alpha. Their love for one another is real, and I enjoyed them struggle to see how Zoe fit in the picture once they both realized she was the missing piece to a puzzle they thought was already complete.

Zoe is one strong, intelligent, sassy and all-around kick ass woman.  She is definitely not a damsel in distress and will do whatever it takes to survive while protecting those she loves, including forfeiting her own freedom.

If you enjoy a menage, this book is not to be missed. Heck, even if you enjoy a great romantic suspense one-click now.  It’s a great mix of super sexy romance and dark suspense that is woven together masterfully by the author.

Sapphire does have a much darker vibe than the author’s Dirty Texas series, so if you have triggers, check out the blurb and reviews first.

5 stars!  The Bratva Jewels series is off to an amazing start!  I can’t wait to read what is up next for Diamond!

Title: Sapphire
Series: Bratva Jewels #1
Author: J A Low

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 30, 2017

An unconventional love is tested to its limits in this
completely immersive dark ménage suspense, for fans of JL Perry and Pepper
Mateo is used to being in the spotlight, he craves it in
everything he does . . . except when it comes to his love life – that is firmly
in the closet.
Tomas shuns the spotlight, the one he was born into, he
wants nothing to do with it or his high-flying family who now reject him for
his choices in love.
But Tomas’ and Mateo’s carefully constructed lives are
turned inside out when they discover a beautiful, battered woman on their
doorstep. The woman with the sapphire eyes has no memory of who she is or how
she got there. She doesn’t know about the Bratva Jewels – the Russian mafia’s
most desired escorts – or how her story intersects with theirs. Can Tomas and
Mateo help her remember before the men who are after her find her first?
The first standalone book in the BRATVA JEWELS series from
the author of the DIRTY TEXAS books, JA Low.



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Author Bio


JA Low lives in Canberra, Australia. When she’s not writing
steamy scenes, she’s tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the
next epic romance. Jess is the author of the Dirty Texas series and the Bratva
Jewels series.


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