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I have always loved reading.  Even as a young girl, I could be found with a book in my hand pretty much devouring anything I could find in the local library.  I think this love stemmed from my mother.  There were always books in our house and she was kind of like a lending library of sorts for our family . . . always purchasing books through different book club offers and then loaning them to anyone who needed something to read.


With the gift of my first Kindle, my world changed drastically.  I no longer had to rely on a library.  Books came to me.  I immediately found websites that listed free and low cost cost kindle books and discovered a whole new world of authors and genres.



Social Media, especially Facebook, fed directly into this.  I could look up my favorite authors online and actually connect with them.  Authors became “real” people, as I now had a way to connect with them and get a peek into their worlds with whatever they were willing to share with fans.  I remember the first time I actually had an author reply to a comment and “friend” me.  I was absolutely giddy!


Joining Street Teams came next to me.  I always enjoyed suggesting books to friends, so writing reviews and helping to promote my favorite authors by sharing a post here and there seemed to be the natural progression for me.


In November of 2016, I attended my first author signing event.  Rebels & Readers was incredible.  I got to meet and chat with authors I admire and enjoy.  This was a real game changer for me.   I was totally in love with the Indie Community and how open and gracious most authors, models photographers, assistants, etc were when meeting with fans.  I wanted to be a part of the community, and, since I had already been reviewing and helping to promote on social media, I decided to start my own blog.



So, why do I blog?  

I blog because I love books.  

They are an escape when I am having a rotten day.  

They keep me company when I am lonely.

They allow me to travel to and explore places I will never get to in real life.  

They provide a fantasy world where the bad guy always gets what is coming to him and the hero and heroine always have their happily ever after.  

They allow me to meet and fall in love with incredible book boyfriends, sassy and outspoken best friends, strong and intelligent leading ladies, vampires, shifters, and other supernatural beings that could be your next door neighbors.  Doms, bikers, billionaires, cowboys, military heros and many other people that I don’t get to experience in my daily life.


I blog because I love authors.

There is something special about getting to chat with an author.  I love being able to ask them about their writing process or where their book ideas come from.  Why a character did or said something in a book.  Getting a sneak peak of what is coming our way as readers next.  And just getting to know them as real people.


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I blog because I love connecting with other readers.

I love getting recommendations from fellow readers and having them interact with me on my blog and in fan groups.  Chatting about likes / dislikes, character motivation, how we pictured certain characters to look, etc.  It’s just plain fun . . . especially when the author is present and interactive within the groups.


I blog because I love to give something back to the book community that I feel has given so much to me!

Being a part of the book community has become a big part of my life.  I love being able to help promote authors that I enjoy reading.  Giving an honest review after reading a book is the least I can do, especially when an author takes the time to read the review and acknowledge the impact it had on me personally.  I can honestly say that I still get a thrill each and every time I get to chat with an author I admire.  

When reading used to be a fairly solitary endeavor, the book community of authors, bloggers, readers, photographers, models, assistants, etc has helped to make it a group sport that I am extremely happy to be a part of.  I have made life long friends in this community that I cherish and hope to meet in person one day.  


For all of these reasons, and probably a hundred more, is why I decided to start my blog.

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Are you a blogger?  Why do you blog?  

Authors, readers, bloggers, etc . . . tell me what you love most about being a part of the book community!

Be sure to leave a comment below!


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    1. I love my Street Teams . . .I am on some arc teams as well . . . I love getting that first look of what is coming out next! Luckily my husband is as obsessed with his guitars as I am with my books and my kiddo feeds on her electronics LOL

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      1. It depends on how quickly the author has new releases. Scott Hildreth, Mickey Miller and KL Donn tend to have a new release a month. Victoria Dannan is not usually as frequent (although she is on a roll going into the fall with anticipated new releases) S.R. Mitchell is only a few times a year, although I also Beta read for her . . . . I try to factor all that in when picking up arcs so not to overwhelm myself . . . .but you know how hard it is to pass up a book LOL


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