~Author Spotlight~ Gemma Roman

The Spotlight is on Gemma Roman today!

Gemma has published two books and currently has a work-in-progress.

I’m really happy to be able to share a bit about Gemma and her writing with you today!



What inspires you to write?

Life and all of the intricacies of it – A lot of what I write is romance, but rather than the ‘happy ever after’ type plots, I like to write about realistic relationships and the issues that many people have to overcome to make a relationship work. I get inspired by things in life that are messy and complex, rather than aiming for clean-cut heroes or heroines.


Is there a genre you feel drawn to write or do you see yourself tackling a variety of genres?

I mostly write romance and drama, I love to read a plethora of genres so wouldn’t really rule anything out for the future (though erotica and fantasy would be doubtful!) but I do also have a creepy mystery / thriller short ebook available free on my website.


Can you describe your writing space?

At the moment, I like to write in the evenings (I tend to be working in the day) with my laptop of my knees, sat on the sofa, with soft acoustic music playing and often a glass of wine in my hand!


What is your go to snack when writing?



Are any of your books or characters based on personal experiences or people in your life?

No – they’re all fictional, though the setting of my debut novel ‘The Years of Us’ is Winchester, UK where I lived for three years during University so my years there certainly inspired my writing somewhat.


Do you have a favourite character or book that you’ve written?

This is tough to answer – I get so engrossed while writing that each novel seems to become my favourite while I’m writing, but given that the Years of Us is the only one I’ve published so far, I think that one holds a special place in my heart, plus I’m planning a sequel and can’t wait to get back to the characters!


Any hints as to what readers can expect next?

I’ve just finished the first draft of a new book – as yet untitled, but its set in Cornwall and based around a love triangle – which I’m really excited about, and it feels like it could become a series so I’m excited about that.


Tell us about your street team and or Reader Group and let us know how interested readers can join?

I don’t have a street team as such, but I have a Facebook author page where people can enjoy some bookish randomness as well as following my writing process and get updates:


I also have a website where people can get a free ebook :


And the universal link for my debut novel is here :



When not writing your own books, who do you like to read?

I’m a complete bookworm, and as I said I like to read a variety of genres. A few favourites include :

Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain, Emily Barr, Cassandra Claire, Amy Plum, David Nicholls, Paula Hawkins, Dorothy Koomson, Giselle Green . . . I could go on!


Share a random fact or two that readers don’t know about you.

I have a writing mascot who is a cuddly elephant named Enzo. He looks at me with quiet disappointment on the evenings when I don’t write.


Fun Facts:

Celebrity crush?  Just one?! Right now, either Josh Duhamel or Tom Odell . . .

Favourite beverage?  Wine?! 😊

Sweet or savoury for snacks?  Both!

What type of music do you listen to?  Lots – I like acoustic singer / songwriters when reading or writing, but also enjoy rock music and pretty much everything in between depending on my mood

Favourite TV show?  Not sure I can choose one – American Horror Story is great when I’m in the mood, also love Homeland and Black Mirror

Favourite vacation spot?  Italy

Hobbies?  Books! 😊



Troubled Souls Book 1: Tipping Point


Tess wakes up, tied up and alone.
Who kidnapped her?
What do they want?
Will she figure out the truth before it’s too late?



You can read this book for free!  Click here:  http://www.gemmaromanbooks.co.uk/



The Years of Us


Five friends. Life, love and a night that will put their friendship to the test. Following University, a group of friends plan to stick together, but will they survive distance, career changes and lustful love triangles? Life throws unexpected realities their way, and one fateful night brings their lives into harsh perspective. Minor mistakes result in them questioning who they are and who can be trusted. Can they rebuild the foundations of friendship and move forward or will the test of time finally set them adrift forever?


Buy Link:  http://mybook.to/YearsOfUs


About Gemma Roman:


I’m Gemma Roman.

I have pretty much always been a bookworm.

I always loved reading, writing and the creative arts, and also enjoyed dancing which led me to study for a degree in Dance Studies when I was at University. Following graduation, I worked in retail and became interested in the wealth of characters that I came across daily while working in customer service.

I’d had a few ideas rumbling around in my head for a while, and so spent a few years writing my first novel in my spare time. I finally managed to release it in June 2016, and am now working on my next few books, as well as planning a sequel for my debut.

I am a Retail Manager by day, and an indie author by night, days off . . . and whenever I allow the voices in my head to speak!


Connect with Gemma:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GemmaRomanBooks/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GemmaRomanBooks

Website:  http://www.gemmaromanbooks.co.uk/




Gemma, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me!

I love spotlighting authors and sharing the amazing work that they do.

Readers, make sure you drop by and visit Gemma at her social media sites and pick up your copy of Tipping Point for free!

Have questions for Gemma Roman? Leave a comment and I’ll make sure she sees it!

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