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Out for a night on the town after a breakup with her live in boyfriend, Emma Williams never expected to set eyes on the incredibly sexy and handsome Grayson Cole.  When their evening goes from great to gross after Emma pukes on Grayson’s shoes, she never expects to see him again.  However, a girl can wish and fantasize.

When Grayson Cole starts his new job as branch agent at the publishing company of Schmidt and Costello, he never expects to discover that Emma Williams is one of his employees.  Still sexy as can be, he also finds she is highly intelligent and extremely competent at her job.  Grayson knows there is no way his attraction for Emma can be ignored, employee or not.

Both struggling with heartbreak in their past, neither Emma or Grayson wants more than a fling . . . or do they?  Feelings start to develop.  Jealousy comes into play on both sides.  Neither is quite prepared for what seems to be happening between them.  Will they be able to let go of their prior relationship baggage or are they doomed to be a fling?

Emma is a very sassy and intelligent leading lady.  She has been hurt in the past and is afraid to open up to Grayson in an attempt to avoid another heartbreak.  However, Grayson is making it hard to not give in to temptation when he romances Emma and treats her like a queen . . . until he starts sending some mixed messages.

Grayson’s character is complex.  He hasn’t wanted more from a woman than sex in years, but Emma is different.  He wants her and can admit that he cares for her, but can’t seem to let go of his past to admit he wants a real relationship with her.  Trust is hard to believe in when it has been broken in the past, and Grayson’s father makes sure to remind him of that at every turn.

I enjoyed the play between these two characters as they learn to let go and move forward.  It’s a fun and flirty book with some very hot scenes, but also has a more in depth plot than expected from the title.  Their relationship woes feel very real as they try to navigate their true feelings for one another.  The ending was one I never saw coming.  4.5 stars and a hope that Emma’s best friend Megan gets a book.


Title: My Hot Boss
Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 15, 2017 

From the moment I met Grayson Cole, I knew he was someone I wanted to let in my panties and maybe, even in my heart. One night, one sexy-as-sin kiss, and several drinks later, our incredible evening turns into a disaster and I’m apologizing for the vomit spatter on his fancy, black shoes. I never thought I’d see him again after that, no matter how many nights I spent wishing I would. Until a month later, he waltzes into my office as—MY NEW, HOT BOSS. I’m so screwed. 

She was meant to be a fun f*ck. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I needed. But Emma Williams could never be just that for me. The quirky, brunette vixen challenges me at every opportunity. My desire to have her has me working for her affections, like I’ve never done before. What is this woman doing to me? Not only am I her Boss, but I don’t do feelings. There’s only one way I see this ending. I’m f*cked for sure.

Betty Shreffler is a self-proclaimed nerd and nature enthusiast obsessed with folklore, photography, writing, reading, movies, board games, hiking, gardening and spending time with her husband and five fur babies. Not necessarily in that exact order though. During her outdoor adventures she’s been face to face with an alligator, a bear and a coyote, making for some of the most memorable experiences of her life. She loves to capture and share the world’s beauty through the lens of her beloved Nikon camera. Her work experience has been diverse from working as a Ranger for the National Park Service to management positions in Fortune 500 companies. She’s lived in four different states and moved homes twelve times. She received a BA in organizational management and minor in sociology, although her heart has always belonged to writing and photography. Growing up, she read romance or supernatural novels and jotted down poems and short stories to express her emotions and alleviate the characters’ voices in her head. Not much has changed, only now her stories are lengthier and her characters more interesting.


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