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Today we are tackling the super fun topic of which books we would love to see PassionFlix make into movies.  As a girl and book-lover, I can certainly dream, and this is my wishlist!



What is PassionFlix?

PassionFlix is an online streaming service specializing in romance. Not only will they be offering a library of well-known romance films and romantic comedies to watch, they’ll also be adapting romances novels to the screen.  Alessandra Torre’s “Hollywood Dirt” premiers next week!  They have also started filming Sylvia Day’s “Afterburn” and “Aftershock” as well as “Jill Shalvis’ “The Trouble with Mistletoe.”


PassionFlix has also announced some other exciting projects that have romance readers thrilled!  While waiting for these original films to debut, I have also enjoyed some old favorites such as Strictly Ballroom, Clueless and The Prince and Me. 


So, why do I think PassionFlix is a big deal?

As a reader, I often cringe when I hear a favorite book is being made into a movie.  We know that once the book is out of the author’s hands and into Hollywood’s, that it will never be the same again.  PassionFlix, however, is working hand in hand with the authors so that they have a say in casting, screenwriting and more.  This means that the movie adaptations should look a lot more like our favorite books when they hit the screen . . . and that is pretty darn exciting to me!


Now comes the hard part . . . narrowing down my list when, let’s be truthful, it could have at least a hundred or more books on it . . .


The Dom Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries Book 1) by [Blake, Lexi] Lexi Blake’s Masters & Mercenaries series. 

These books would be perfect for romantic suspense movies.  The men are hot and sexy alpha males and the women are their strong, sassy and intelligent counterparts.  At times, they are US operatives, spies, bodyguards, counter terrorism experts and more.  I know the BDSM element may be a tad bit difficult to include, but after 50 Shades, we know it can be done.  Ian Taggart needs to be on the screen, as his sarcasm and wit would have even men enjoying these films! 

You can find the first book in the series, “The Dom Who Loved Me” here.


My Familiar Stranger: BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (Knights of Black Swan Book 1) by [Danann, Victoria]

Victoria Dannan’s The Knights of Black Swan series.

This series follows a secret organization of Vampire Hunters as they work behind the scenes to keep humanity safe from a threat that they don’t even realize exists.  Because the books take place in a parallel dimension to ours, things are very similar, but there are enough differences to make it super fun, such as elves and demons are real (love Sir Rammel Hawking) and the woman who falls into their dimension is stronger than her male counterparts due to the differences in their worlds.  There is action and adventure, and of course a love story in each book as the vampire hunters each meet their match.

You can find book one in the series, “My Familiar Stranger” here.


Justice for Mackenzie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 1) by [Stoker, Susan]  Susan Stoker’s Badge of Honor series.

Let’s be honest, it could be any of Susan Stoker’s series as they would all translate into incredible romantic suspense movies.  I picked the Badge of Honor series, however, because it follows a bunch of different law enforcement and emergency services organizations as they meet (rescue) and fall in love with their perfect match.  Each book in the series has a really unique storyline that plays into the hero’s emergency services affiliation.  While the heroines typically need rescuing at some point, they are all incredibly strong and intelligent characters as well.  I’ll be honest, this book has a moment that had me grabbing my box of tissues in the middle of the night as I couldn’t put it down . . .it would be amazing to see it as a movie!

You can find book one, “Justice for Mackenzie” here.


Dannika Dark’s Seven Series. Seven Years (Seven Series Book 1) by [Dark, Dannika]

Once again, It was hard to choose just one series here, because I am also in love with Dannika’s Mageri Series.  However, I think the Seven Series would be more easily adapted into films.  This series follows a pack of werewolf brothers as they find their mates as well as how they fit in the supernatural world that exists right alongside humanity without most humans ever realizing.  Each brother is very unique, as are their mates, which would would lend itself well to a series of movies.  While the boy’s are wolves, their mates span a variety of supernatural beings as well as humans which adds interest.  It’s not all love and good times, however, as they pack must often fight for and protect it’s own which leads to great action and suspense.

You can find book one of the Seven Series, “Seven Years” here.


And, because I can’t include everyone on my list . . . here are a few honorable mentions!

Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series.

Teresa Gableman’s Protector’s series.

Samantha A. Cole’s Trident Security Series.

A.J. Aalto’s Marnie Baranuik series.


PassionFlix, I am ready and waiting!

I would love to know what books you would love to see PassionFlix make into movies!  Please leave your picks below!


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