~Author Spotlight~ Kathy Roberts

The Spotlight is on Kathy Roberts today!

Kathy has published numerous books for children, teens and adults!

I’m really happy to be able to share a bit about Kathy and her writing with you today!


What would you like your readers to know about you? 

I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, so my books have endings and closure. I have written a sequel (Scars of the Heart & Truth Heals the Heart), but they are stand-alone books


What inspires you to write? 

I absolutely love to write and talk about writing and help others who want to write.  I think there are things in all my books that can help people at different points in their lives and that makes me feel good.  For “Chasing the Rift” it was the heavy fog one morning on my way to drop my daughter off for school and proceed to work.  I actually dreamed the cover for “The Elevator”, started writing it, and a month later I dreamed the ending; so I wrote it and then filled in the middle.


Is there a genre you feel drawn to write or do you see yourself tackling a variety of genres in the future?

I’ve mostly read clean romance all my life, but I like sci-fi and scary movies.  I was surprised to find other genre’s in my head.  I’ve written not only romance, but sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy as well as a children’s self-help/teaching series.  I’m rather excited to see what type story I’ll think up next.


Can you describe your writing space? 

Honestly, 90% of the time my computer at work.  I have a lot of down time, so I write. My boss is wonderful and doesn’t care what I do as long as the work is done.


Can you tell us a bit about your writing process? 

I’m a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl.  I research as I go, if needed and usually I have a general outline in my head and I just start typing.  Then I go back and add things as I think about them.


What is your go to snack when writing? 

I don’t snack when writing.  I’m all business when the story is flowing.


Are any of your books or characters based on personal experiences or people in your life? 

My first children’s book is a true story (I market the series as fiction, and use the same characters, but the first one is true).  I often use a name of someone special to me or a date that has personal significance.


Do you have a favorite character or book you have written? 

My favorite book would have to be Adventures With Freddy-I Can Scare Monsters because it is a true story about me and my little cousin Freddy.  My favorite character I’ve written is Katrina in “Scars of the Heart” and “Truth Heals the Heart”  She is young and had a lot of tragedy in her life, but she quickly learns she has such an inner strength.  She is adamant about her principals and will fight hard for what she believes in and the people she loves.


Any hints as to what readers can expect next? 

I wish I had some, because I don’t even know yet, what’s next.  lol  We’ll all be surprised.


Tell us about your Street Team and or Reader Group and let us know how interested readers can join. 

I don’t really have either.  I have an author page on facebook.  I do give out my e-mail should anyone want to chat, ask questions, or whatever.  I just as that you put one of my book titles in the subject line so it doesn’t get lost in spam.


For new to you readers, what book would you suggest they read first? 

That normally depends on what type book they really like, but I’d say a book for everyone is “The Elevator” For example: my brother-in-law bought and read it, then bought 6 more for Christmas/Birthday gifts.


When not writing your own books, who do you like to read? 

Shawn Reilly, Heather Hildenbrand, Susan Stumpf and Casey Bond are my favorite indie authors. I grew up with Chris Fabry and his writing is amazing as well.


Share a random fact or two that readers don’t know about you. 

I answer letters from children to Santa Claus for my local post office.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  They’re very personal letters.  The more info I have on a child, the better their letter is.  I had one that was 3 pages long because the mom knew I did them and she wrote all over the back of the envelope.  She gave me pet’s names, room color, favorite toy, teacher’s name, etc.  I should have been keeping them over the years, they would make a great book; but I never thought about it then.


Fun Facts:

Celebrity Crush?  Sam Elliott. I know I’m old.  lol

Favorite Beverage? Diet Pepsi

Sweet or Savory for snacks?  I like both, but sweet is the ultimate.

What type of music do you listen to? Mainly Country, Gospel, and Oldies.  Some easy listening or pop.

Favorite tv show?  Hard call, but I think my new favorite is “The Good Doctor”

Do you have any pets?  My daughter has two, dog and a rabbit.

Biggest pet peeve? LIARS, worse than thieves and they’re horrible.  Bad grammar is hard to read, figuratively and literally.

Favorite vacation spot?  I’ve been to a lot of cool places, but I think any island is heavenly.  I’m a water fan, ocean, lake, river, stream—love them all!

Morning or Night person? Night definitely.

Favorite sports team?  I don’t really like sports

Hobbies? Cooking, crochet, crafts, love to play board or card games.


Scars of the Heart


Scars of the Heart is set in Medieval times. It’s about Katrina, who is cast, through tragedy, into an unheard of relationship. She blossoms into a beautiful and exotic young lady and is about to be presented to society. To be so young, she is extremely adept at handling whatever comes her way and has the self-control and street smarts to do what’s needed, even if it means losing her life.

Markus, prince and heir to the throne, who’s chivalry nearly costs him his life; falls for the beautiful Katrina. While struggling against the physical demands of his body to keep her moral demands of virginity intact, he devises an elaborate plan to make her fall in love with him. One fatal moment in time intertwines the two of them together, in spite of all the adversity to come their way and the deceitfulness required to bring it all about to Markus’ satisfaction.

Alexander is our villain in this story and he uses all his wiles to charm Katrina into falling in love with him while secretly trying to destroy Markus and his family.

They’re all in danger. While trying to save one another in a cat and mouse game of deceit and lies, intrigue and murder, they each may end up losing what matters the most. It’s a dangerous game and not everyone can be the winner.


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2ynn986
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2g9D6VD


scars teaser


Truth Heals the Heart


This book continues where “Scars of the Heart” left off; but it is a stand-alone book as well. It is set in medieval times.

“Truth Heals the Heart” will show you a romance that even prison can’t stop. Our characters have managed to overcome the obstacles of their pasts, but can’t seem to move on with their futures. Secrets have been discovered, secrets are still being kept. They’re trapped in the bonds of the law. Although the guilty has repented, the sentence can’t be reprieved. Treason is the unforgivable act and Alexander has done the unforgivable. Lady Penelope has won his heart, but will he be able to win his freedom. It’s a game of give and take, wanting and can’t having, having and not knowing how to take hold of it. If only the prison bars were not in the equation. While Markus and Katrina fight their own emotions and desires, they are trapped as well, helpless to do anything about it. Meanwhile life goes on, babies are born, time passes, love grows stronger, people change and no one can figure out how to bring it all together. Some secrets remain and are so deeply hidden, there’s only one person left alive that can reveal the truth. The Nanny!


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2ynfiY2
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2kQnV90


truth teaser


The Elevator


This is the story of Samantha Keller, she was “trapped” in an elevator by some entity. She must free 500 souls and find someone to take her place before she can leave. She’s not sure who or what her captor is, but she has no choice to obey if she ever wants to secure her freedom. All the while hoping the entity would live up to the bargain if she fulfilled her command. To free souls, she has to first discover what their problem is that’s haunting them and then help them or get them help to resolve their issues in order to move on with their lives. Like Samantha, most people don’t even know they have problems or stuff that’s pulling them down or holding them back. She has to help them see their issues and they must want help to “fix” their lives and become happy productive citizens again. It’s a journey for Samantha into her own soul as she works to help others. Can she do it? Can she become a better person herself? Does she really have issues that have her burdened down? Can she survive the loneliness and solitude? Will she ever be free? If she does become free, what will have happened to her former life and what would she do then? Homeless? Alone? No job or prospects? No friends? It was going to be a trial getting through this and surviving afterwards as well. Samantha is a tough woman and is hoping that will help her make it free, after all; what else could she do but try?


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2zav6Lq
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2glgWDp


elevator teaser


Chasing the Rift


Tom Silvers, scientist and professor, believes he has the formula for time travel and has secured funding from NASA for field tests. He has chosen eight students in the field of science from West Virginia University to intern with him for the summer. They are all geniuses and have excelled in their respective fields. Upon NASA’s advice, Prof. Silvers chose Laurel Fork Federal Wilderness in West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains to conduct the experiments.

In just a few days, they had a successful combination and obtained time travel. They needed to do several more experiments to determine safety and feasibility of sustained and frequent travel. During the process, they decided it was too big for NASA or any government to get hold of, so they agreed to fake the trials and keep it a secret. While moving back and forth through time to set up what they’d need to continue traveling without government sanctions and/or backing, something went horribly wrong. They encountered an echo effect and the time rift was opening on its own.

The deadline was swiftly approaching when NASA would swoop in and remove every piece of equipment. They’d already sent one guy in to “check on things”. If NASA found out time travel had been achieved, they would take the technology and use it for whatever the government deemed necessary. Tom’s team had to find a way to repair the rift and stop it opening on its own. They had to have total control of it, or they would be found out. The government could not know!


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2xHHsyq
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2glFTPc


Kingdoms of the Curse


Kingdoms of the Curse is a coming of age/young adult fantasy story about a young girl who’s just discovered she’s a witch and may hold the power to break a curse placed on the human and fairy kingdoms nearly 650 years ago. It’s her journey to the ultimate battle. She does have a coven backing her up, along with several friends, her mother, and Greargon, her dragon. Join her as she learns about her new life and discovers new friends and young love along the way to her 16th birthday where she’ll win the battle or die trying.


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2gIi7cQ
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2kR8Rbb


Adventures With Freddy: I Can Scare Monsters


This series of Children’s full color books helps children identify with a character in order to help them through a particular problem or teaching issue they may have.

In the first one, Cousin Kathy teaches Freddy how to scare monsters away so he won’t be afraid any longer.


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2xJpiMM
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2gjOZMc


Adventures With Freddy: Where Do My Vegetables Go?


This series of Children’s full color books helps children identify with a character in order to help them through a particular problem or teaching issue they may have. This time Cousin Kathy teaches Freddy the importance of eating vegetables and trying different foods.


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2wXc6z6
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2yoFkbC


About Kathy Roberts

new headshot black

Kathy Sovine Roberts, a lifelong native of West Virginia was born January 21, 1961. She’s married and the mother of a 16-year-old daughter, Breanna.  She is very involved in her church, enjoys crafts, cooking, and loves spending time with family and friends.  She currently works at Precision Samplers, Inc. in South Charleston, WV as an Administrative Assistant.

Kathy always had a passion for romance novels, but real romance, not super “mushy”, or erotica.

“Scars of the Heart” is her first novel, “Truth Heals the Heart” is the sequel.  It starts the day after the first one ends; however both are stand-alone books.

“The Elevator” is a paranormal story about a woman trapped in an elevator by something or someone and has to free 500 souls and find someone to replace her before she can get out.

“Chasing The Rift” is a Sci-Fi book about time travel, set in her home state of WV.  The professor has his theories and calculations done, got NASA to fund the trials and chose eight students from West Virginia University to intern for the summer to see if they can actually achieve time travel.

Her latest is “Kingdoms of the Curse”  There’s an almost 650 year old curse on the human kingdom and the fairy kingdom.  12 year old Cassandra has just learned she is a witch and wants to break the curse.  She was raised without magic, but does meet the criteria required to break the curse.  She has just over 3 years to perfect her craft as the spell must be spoken on her 16th birthday.  He has a lot of support, especially in her dragon, Greargon and she has the faith that she’s THE ONE.

She also has a series of self-help/teaching children’s books written (Adventures With Freddy) and has the first two published. “I Can Scare Monsters” is actually a true story, Roberts taught her little cousin how to scare monsters and 30 years later, taught his little boy as well.   “Where Do My Vegetables Go?” teaches the importance of eating healthy and what happens to our bodies if we don’t.


Connect with Kathy

Kathyr121@live.com  (If you e-mail me, and I’d be thrilled if you did, put one of my book titles in the subject line so I can pick it out of the spam. Thanks.) Love to hear from readers, authors, whomever.  If you want to talk about my books, books in general, the process of publishing, etc.  Give me a shout.





Kathy thank you so much for letting me highlight your work this week for Foster an Author!  It’s been a fantastic experience working with you.

I love spotlighting authors and sharing the amazing work that they do and you made my job easy this week.

Readers, make sure you drop by and visit Kathy Roberts at her social media sites and pick up one of her fabulous books today!

Have questions for Kathy Roberts? Leave a comment and I’ll make sure she sees it!

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