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The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time to get shopping!  I’m here to help with some gift ideas for the book-lovers in your life!


I wanted to focus on unique and homemade gifts that really show your bibliophile just how much you care!  You can see some of my favorite finds below.





I adore these book purses!  I found an Etsy shop that has a bunch of different purses from classical themes to fairy tales . . .you are sure to find one that works for every book lover – Check out NovelCreations on Etsy.






Give the gift of a book bouquet!  These beautiful paper flowers would look gorgeous on a bookshelf!  I found this bouquet on Book2Bouquet  on Etsy. 






Booked themed jewelry can be a lot of fun.  I really fell in love with this locket because you can ask for a personalized message inside to make this a truly memorable gift.  You can find this locket on Etsy at SilkPurseSowsEar.





il_570xN.1317134553_fwp9  Every book collector needs a fantastic pair of bookends.  There are so many t choose from, you are sure to find a style hat fits your book lover to perfection.  I really liked the ones I found on Etsy at the BookendsStore.  I liked this store because if you are a serious fan of a series, you may be able to find matching bookends here to showcase your books!





 Depending on how well you know your bibliophile, you can get a framed print of a favorite quote.  BookishlyUK on Etsy has some super cute prints from multiple genres.






Novel Adornment on Etsy has a variety of books, both classic and new made into ornaments.  These can decorate a tree for the holiday or a library or book nook year round!






I also wanted to list out some additional ideas that may be a little easier to find locally and still please your book lover!


~A favorite book signed by the author

~A gift card to their favorite book store

~Vintage books from a used book store

~A book themed sweatshirt or hoodie for cozy reading

~A book themed coffee mug

~A new bookshelf

~A snuggly lap blanket and pillow for lazy reading

~Homemade bookmarks

~A book themed phone case

~Tickets to a book signing



The possibilities to please us bibliophiles really are endless!  In some cases, all it takes is taking the kids for an afternoon and giving the gift of a few hours of uninterrupted reading time!


Get creative!  Be unique!  And, know that no matter what you find, it will be the perfect gift because you took the time to pick your bookish friend something you know they will adore!


Do you have any suggestions for Bookish Gifts?  I’d love to hear them!


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