~Book Review~ “Afternoon Delights: A Collection of Hot Short Stories” by Mickey Miller

Afternoon Delights- MM -Final (1)

My Review:

Afternoon Delights by Mickey Miller was a fun, down and dirty peek into some fantastic potential story starters as well as a revisit with some of our favorite characters from prior books.

With 18 quickies, there really was a story for everyone ranging from steamy work encounters, strangers on a subway, sweet kisses, old flames, sexy athletes and so much more.  The truly unique part of this collection is that Mickey is asking his readers to vote on which of these stories they would like to see expanded into a full length novel rather than just the naughty bite provided in this book.

I enjoyed Afternoon Delights, but did find myself frustrated with a few stories that I wanted more right now!  There were some really intriguing story bites that I hope Mickey Miller further develops.  My personal favorites were:

#5 – Fireflies – She is back in Blackwell and he never left.  Something happened one fateful night that drove their life decisions, and I have to say, I really want to know what that was!

#8 – National Kiss a Stranger Day – A chance encounter on a subway between a woman having a bad day and a businessman with an attitude ends with a passionate kiss between the two strangers.  These characters left me wanting more from them as well . . . I see so many possibilities with this!

#14 – Jealousy – A career oriented couple that has been married for five years has agreed that children should be in the future.  After a night out, however, a bit of jealousy comes to play and leads to an incredibly hot encounter that just may end up with a new addition to their family in 9 months.  This story was my absolute favorite as I love watching a couple that is in love find their passion again after becoming complacent with one another.

If you are looking for some some romance and heat, snap up Afternoon Delights!  Just remember to vote on your favorites!  4 stars.


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About the Book:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2DQ2EBO


From Amazon Bestselling Author Mickey Miller
This short story collection has hot athletes, sweet first and last kisses, steamy encounters with bad boys, secret small town romances, hot boss encounters, and much more!

The coolest part? These stories were developed based on suggestions from my READERS. And I’m letting my readers VOTE on the short story they would like developed into a full length novel.
After you read the book, there will be a survey where you can choose which of the stories you’d like to see developed into a novel!
Story #1: It’s Between a Bad Choice and a Worse Choice

Story #2: Starlight

Story #3: A Deleted Beach Scene from The Casanova Experience

Story #4: Early

Story #5: Fireflies

Story #6: Innocence

Story #7: Last Kiss

Story #8: National Kiss-A-Stranger-Day

Story #9: A Deleted Scene from Playing Dirty

Story #10: Same Old Faces

Story #11: Sweet Surrender

Story #12: The Soldier

Story #13: More Wine Please

Story #14: Jealousy

Story #15: Deleted Scene from Professor with Benefits

Story #16: Dreams

Story #17: Who’s the Boss?

Story #18: Study Break


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About Mickey Miller:


Mickey is one of seven men who are members of the Romance Writers of America. He loves playing sports, performing improv, and pineapples. After trying his hand at screenwriting, he found his passion being one of a handful of guys who writes over-the-top contemporary romance novels. He lives in Chicago, IL and yes, his Grandmother knows what he does for a living. But she’s cool about it and keeps it on the DL.

Connect with Mickey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormickeymiller/

Mickey’s Misfits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112649979205719/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MickeyMiller29

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mickey_Miller29/

Website: http://www.mickeymillerauthor.com/

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