~Book Review~ “Prime” Riftkeepers Book One by Carrie Whitehorne


My Review:

One night with a handsome stranger forever changes Charlotte’s life.  She’s tired but happy and adores the beautiful 6 year old twins born from a single night of passion so many years ago.  When she randomly runs into her gorgeous stranger again, Charlotte’s life is once again pushed onto a path she never could have expected.

As Callan begins spending time with Charlotte and their children, we start to see that perhaps everything is not quite as it seems.  Twins Enya and Zander are gifted in ways Charlotte could never have imagined and Callan has quite the secret to share  with the woman he has tried so desperately to find for the past 7 years.

Charlotte and her children find themselves in a world of magic and fantasy, of danger and mystery.  She’ll need to protect herself and  children from the unknown while also giving them a chance at finding their destiny

Not everything is beautiful in this new world, however and a truly dark evil has its sights on Charlotte and will stop at nothing to gain what it wants.

I love a great paranormal romance and Prime took me on a fantastic journey!  Charlotte is a phenomenally strong woman who will do anything to protect her children.  She’s smart and sassy and definitely not a damsel in distress.  Callan was an intriguing character.  His secrets are life changing for Charlotte and I did struggle a bit with liking his character at times as he seemed hot and cold with her.  It’s Enya and Zander, however, that are the true stars of this book and truly steal the show!  They are completely adorable and written in a way that you can feel their joy and amazement as they explore their new reality.

The pace of the book moves well and I couldn’t wait to see what was coming next, as I found the plot to be quite unique.  While the family are the main cast, there were some ancillary characters, such as Callan’s siblings and Dane that I really can’t wait to learn more about in future books.

This book has a clear ending point, but definitely sets up quite the plot for book two.  The reader is left wanting more . . . not because there is a cliffhanger (there’s not), but because the story is well written, unique  and intriguing.  4.5 stars for Prime as I take myself to Amazon to purchase the next book in the series!



Title: Prime
Series: Riftkeepers #1
Author: Carrie Whitethorne
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 3, 2017 


One night. One taste. Pure Magic.

Stressed and tired, Charlotte needs a break. Raising twins single-handedly often takes a toll that even a glass of wine can’t cure.

And when Charlotte is reunited with the gorgeous and captivating Callan McAidh— who showed her what true passion and pleasure really were years ago— Charlotte knows her life is about to be turned upside down once again.

But when Callan reveals the truth about himself, and about her past, Charlotte is catapulted into a world of danger and mystique. Now, it’s up to Charlotte to accept her destiny while holding on to the only man she’s ever loved. 

Charlotte soon learns that some legends have dark origins; some so dark it is impossible to evade their touch.

Carrie is a mum. An author. A creator of worlds. A dreamer. A friend.
At her childhood home in Yorkshire, Carrie was encouraged to utilize her imagination, to see things for what they could be, and to ask the question “what if?” Her mum introduced her to worlds filled with magic: Barrie, Lewis, Tolkien, Blyton. That magic evolved and continued to inspire her when she discovered Rowling and Sanderson. They all asked the question and explored the possibilities, opening doors to new adventures that would forever change generations to come. 

Even as a child, Carrie preferred creative outlets and writing. But as an adult, Carrie had not yet had that moment of inspiration to begin writing a novel of her own. That all changed one normal morning, on a normal walk to school, when a small boy slipped from the pavement and on to the road. There was no accident. No horror. Just a near miss that later formulated into one question: what if he was able to save himself? Fueled by this question and Carrie’s love of fantasy, European folklore, and mythological creatures, The Riftkeepers emerged. This world answered her question. The series gave birth to characters that took on a life of their own, many telling continued stories in novellas and spinoffs.

When Carrie isn’t writing and annoying her editor with endless typos, she barely sleeps, thinks about her characters, indulges in an unhealthy Facebook addiction, exploring the beauty of the Lake District as her backyard, and contemplating which she loves more: pizza or wine. Definitely wine. Considered to be one of the most boring people she knows, writing her own biography was a definite weakness. Her first draft was rubbish and was picked apart by friends who insisted she was funnier and far more interesting than she gives herself credit. She was no longer allowed to write her own biography, so she provided input.

Carrie now resides in West Cumbria with her husband and two children. They are her inspiration. Her world.


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