~Book Review~ “Captive Beauty” by Natasha Knight


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In a move to protect her brother, Cilla gives herself to Killian Black for 30 days.  She owes him and will do anything to keep him safe, even if it means giving herself over to a beast.  Killian wants more than just her body, though . . . he wants everything from her and is willing to break down every wall she has to see the darkness inside her soul and devour it.

Killian takes the deal Cilla offers.  He wants her body.  Once he starts to know her, he wants her soul too.  He’ll take everything.   He knows she has a dark secret she is hiding and he’ll discover just what it is.  He is no hero, but he will avenge her past so he can own her future.

Ohhhh, this book!  So dark and twisted and oh so good!  Natasha Knight created her own version of a very damaged beauty and an avenging beast that hurt one another in ways that tear each other apart so they can start rebuilding together even if they don’t realize that is what is happening.

These characters are ridiculously deep and complex and the story is a dark romance and contains enough taboo to justify actions that normally would seem unjustifiable.  It truly is a dark and decadent fairy tale that will leave you breathless.  5 stars

Captive Beauty
Natasha Knight 
 Clarise Tan | CT Cover Creations
Jonny James
Dark Romance
**Brand New Standalone Dark Contemporary Romance by USA Today Bestselling author Natasha Knight. Think Beauty and the Beast twisted in the darkest, dirtiest ways**
The Beast had Belle.
Killian Black has me. 
How I got here doesn’t matter, even though he says it does. Says it was my choice. He doesn’t get it, though. It wasn’t ever a choice for me. 
And now, he’s changing the rules. 
The agreement was one month. For thirty days, I’d be his. He’s no longer satisfied with my body alone, though. He wants my soul, too. Wants every part of me. And even though I can pretend I’m safe when I lie beneath him, this man does something to me. Something wicked. 
A thing that will break me. 
Cilla made the choice. She offered the deal. I just took her up on it. So what if I changed the rules half-way in? I’m not apologizing for it. 
See, Cilla and me, we’re the same. She’s dark. As dark as me. Something happened to her. Something bad. It damaged her. 
But it’s not a hero she seeks. It’s an avenging angel. A dark knight. That, I can do. I’ll slay her dragons, but it’ll cost her, because in return, I want everything. And I’ll take it. 
She’s mine. 
Amazon Universal: http://myBook.to/CBUniv
** Read an extended preview FREE exclusively on iBooks: http://apple.co/2AW6KH3 **
“I was unable to put this book down, it’s tantalizing and gripping. Another great one by Natasha Knight. 5 stars.”—Carolyn for Book Haven Book Blog
“Dark and sensual, Natasha Knight will make you believe redemption is possible for even the most damaged of souls.” ~ Tarina Deaton, author of Combat Hearts Series
“The storyline and plot are thrilling and stunning! I recommend Captive Beauty to all Ms. Knights’s fans and I highly recommend this book to all those who love dark reads.” – Hanan, Goodreads Reviewer
USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.
Twitter: @natashaknight13
Instagram: @natashaknight13

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    1. Daniela, it is definitely a beauty and the beast retelling, and a fabulous one! And, the heroine is much darker than a traditional “Belle” is. It’s a great read!


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