~Blogger Bits~ Fantastic Relationships in Books other than Romantic Love

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to tackle amazing relationships in books.  But, we didn’t want it to be the typical boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife relationships we love reading about in the world of Romance.  We instead wanted to focus on other kinds of love and the fantastic relationships they can develop.



Best Friends

We all know that having a best friend is critical to your well being!  They are the person that always has your back.  They are your wing man when you are on the prowl.  They bring you ice-cream and wine after a break-up.  They celebrate your successes and kick you in the butt when you need them too.  One of my favorite examples of Book BFFs is a bit non-typical, as it is a male / female duo. 


Emma Jane literally ran into Beckett right when she needed a friend most.  She had just run out on her own wedding so romance was the last thing on her mind.  Beckett, closet romantic and pro quarterback, also needed a friend . . . a female he could truly trust to be in his corner and not out to steal his money or cause bad press.  These two hit it off right away and a gorgeous friendship blossoms.  They really give one another everything they need in the most loving and platonic of ways.  When Emma Jane has a second chance at happiness, however, Beckett does everything he can to give it a little nudge in the right direction. 

You can read all about Emma Jane and Beckett in RC Boldt’s He Loves Me . . . Knot.


Military Comrades

Men and women serving in the armed forces often form amazing relationships.  They spend so much time together and have to learn to trust one another with their lives.  Spending so much time together,  they often can complete each others thoughts or know what the other needs without words.  They have no choice but to learn to function as an extremely tight knit team in order to keep themselves safe and sometimes even sane in high stress and hostile situations. 


There have been some amazing books about military teams, but some of my favorites include Susan Stoker’s SEAL of Protection series as well as her Delta Force Heroes.  Being special forces, the bond is even greater considering the types of situations these men are placed into on a regular basis.  They are closer than brothers.  What I really love is how they all care for each other’s significant others and family as if it was their own.  And, while the men have their own special relationship, so do the wives and girlfriends who are left at home to keep things going and support one another through everything life and the military throws at them while their soldiers are deployed.   You can start the SEALS of Protection series with Protecting Caroline and The Delta Force Heroes with Rescuing Rayne.


Sports Teammates

Sports Teammates often form special bonds as well.  They need to be in sync with one another to be the best of the best in their game.  They also need to support one another through injuries, trades, losing streaks and more.


I think my all time favorite sports team has to be Kat Mizera’s Las Vegas Sidewinders.  Even after he is traded, Jamie’s old teammates rally around him in an incredible and beautiful way when he is outed as a homo-sexual and then physically attacked and left for dead.  They all immediately hop a flight to be by his side in the hospital and then again in court and when he makes his first appearances in public after having been outed.  Their love and acceptance was incredibly moving to watch unfold in this book.

You can read all bout Jamie’s ordeal and his Sidewinders teammates in Temptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera. 


Band Mates

Bands usually spend a lot of time together touring and practicing . . . I can’t even imagine how well you would get to know one another while driving hour after hour on a tour bus across the country.

51WWY7VlJWL._SY346_The boys of Dirty Texas have known each other from their teenage years and some even earlier.  They started off small playing in a garage and made it to the very top of the charts and are ready to move on to their next big adventure of finding and producing up and coming new artists.  These boys give each other hell, but always have each other’s backs.  They tease and rib one another constantly, but when real advice is needed or the moment calls for sincerity, they are all in with one another and would do anything they can to insure each other’s happiness.  And, when they start falling in love one by one, they are only too happy to both support and torment one another as they find their ways into committed relationships.  You can read all about the boys of Dirty Texas in JA Low’s Suddenly Dirty,

I also have to add that the female lead in this book has two fabulous besties . . . and Derrick is right up there for one of my favorite book bffs!



What can you say, if you have a sibling, they are probably your best friend.  They really are the person you love to hate . . .especially when growing up.  There is always constant fighting, teasing and tattling, but also a built in support network for when you need them . . . especially if anyone outside of the household messes with you. 

51uyqlN5KQL._SY346_There are so many awesome books with siblings, but, I think my favorite may be the Seven Series by Dannika Dark.  Each book tells the story of one of the Cole brothers and how they find and fall in love with their mate.  What makes this sibling bond even stronger is that they brothers are also wolf shifters.  Their pack mentality means that family really is everything.  They are willing to die to protect one another, their mates and their children.  Because this is an entire series, readers really get to know the Cole brothers and watch them interact with one another in all types of situations, giving you a clear glimpse at how these siblings and their pack really functions.  They love and they love hard.  You can start the series with Seven Years.


I know there are many other amazing examples of fabulous relationships out there in our favorite books, and I’d love to know what some of yours are!  Please leave a comment and shout out some book love!


Happy Reading!




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23 thoughts on “~Blogger Bits~ Fantastic Relationships in Books other than Romantic Love

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  1. The Blogger Bits feature is a great idea. I would have to say that some of my best relationships in my life have been with those I served with in the military. Like you mentioned, I spent almost 24/7 with these men and women, from eating, to PT, to running laps because someone else got in trouble. I trusted them completely with my life and vice versa. They were my extended family and are so still today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing, Dannie! My husband is former military as well and the bond that is formed is amazing. And, I have to say the same goes for those of us left behind to hold the home front down.

      Thank you for your service!


  2. What a great list! I would have to say the brothers in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward. They are always there for each other in good times and bad. I love the bond they have and the women as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela, I adore Dannika Dark . . .and, as much as I love the Seven Series, Logan Cross will forever be my ultimate book boyfriend 🙂 I’ll have to be on the lookout for your upcoming post!

      You do realize Gaslight is releasing soon, right?!

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  3. Good friends in books help connect the reader to the storyline. Melissa Foster’s Seaside Summer series has strong friendship bonds throughout the series, while each book is a stand alone romance for two of the friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fantastic point! I have not yet read this series by Melissa Foster but will definitely check it out since I really enjoyed Only For You. Thank you for stopping by!


  4. Fantastic idea! You could add parents and kids ( there are some great books with single parent) or teacher or coach and student ( not romantically involved).

    Liked by 1 person

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