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February celebrates not only Valentine’s Day but the Winter Olympics this year, so we thought we thought we would tackle the topic of Sports Romance.  I chose not to limit myself to Olympic related sports because I wanted to bring you a variety of my favorites.

Whats not to love about an athlete?  In our favorite romances, they always have perfectly sculpted bodies, endurance & stamina, dedication to their teammates, the drive to always be the best and discipline.  They may have their fans, but they are loyal to those that helped to get them to where they are, including their significant others.

Here are a few of my top recommendations! Click the book cover to be taken to Amazon.

(And, let’s go Penguins!)




I’m a hockey fan at heart, so hockey romance tends to be my go to for a sports romance book! 

Dominic   Brock   temptation

Kat Mizera writes incredible hockey romance!  Her series is the Las Vegas Sidewinders.  She has also used characters from this series in her spin-off Inferno series.

Dominic is the first book of the Sidewinders series and is a freebie!

Brock has been my favorite of the series so far, but they are all amazing  I loved the love story between Brock and Ashleigh and Ashleigh’s foster child Bella!  Here is my review

Temptation’s Inferno was one of my top reads last year!  Jamie and Viggo’s story is beautiful and heart-breaking at times and completely amazing!  Love is Love!  Check out my review.

Thin Ice   Penalty Play   goaltending

Jami Daveport’s hockey series follows the Seattle Sockeyes.  Skating on Thin Ice starts the series and is free! 

My favorite of the series so far has been Penalty Play.  Matt’s a single dad of two very rambunctious boys and Violet is everything he thinks he doesn’t want in a woman but finds out he needs desperately!  Here is my review.

Goalttending is also pretty fantastic!  Brick enjoys being a playboy until he finds out he has a five year old daughter he now has custody of!  He needs a nanny stat!  Of course, he didn’t need to fall for her.  Check out my review




Mickey Miller’s the Casanova Experience is a fantastic friends to lovers second chance romance.  Chandler is the King of Basketball and Amy is the one that got away.  This book is fun and flirty and not to be missed!  Here’s my review




The Catching Kind by Bria Quinlan was a huge surprise to me!  Connor is known as America’s Sexiest Athlete, but he has a bit of a rotten reputation.  Hailey is a shy girl next door author.  They shouldn’t work as a couple, but when forced to play a part they find they have more in common than they thought.  This ended up being a really cute and fun read!  check out my review.



sacked   honey

Sacked in Seattle by Jami Davenport is a second chance romance in a college setting.  Torn apart by tragedy while in high school, Riley and Tiffani have a second chance at love that Riley refuses to let pass them by!  My review

Heather Shere’s Honey Bee is a feel-good book, that has lots of romance, smoking hot sex scenes, a lovable yet rambunctious dog, a high school football team and everything that comes with small town life.  Check out my review of Bo and Sophia’s story.


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

513yb3FMuGL   519K8liadTL._SY346_

Connor McGrath is an arrogant, cocky and sexy as hell Irish fighter and Natalie is the image and style consultant that is supposed to help him look like more than just a brawler.  The chemistry in Hot Blooded Prize Fighter by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd is off the charts and the banter between the characters is a lot of fun!  Check out my review.

Natalie Gayle’s Brave is an amazing story of people from completely different walks of life brought together in the most beautiful of ways.  Eden was on top of the world when an accident took away everything and caused her to hide away from the world.  Xander is on his way to the top of his profession by suffers from survivor’s guilt.  Together this couple is everything the other needs to be whole again.  Here is my review.



51t9aCp7VWL   51V2nmXF66L   51i1d3NYkOL._SY346_

Griffin is a boxer who was literally given a second chance at life when he was a teen.  Olive is afraid to love because of how much she has lost.  Kristen Hope Mazzola wrote a beautiful story that shows how these two people’s lives became intertwined before they even knew one another existed.  Here is my review.

Scott Hildreth’s Un-Series (I’ve linked the box set of all four books) tells the story of Shane Dekkar and Kace Meadows.  These books are rough and raw and absolutely amazing.  The series follows Shane’s rise to the top of the boxing world as well as shares the ups and downs of his life with Kace, including the birth of a special needs child.  You’ll also meet Mike Ripton, Shane’s best friend and learn his story as well!

Scott also wrote Brawler.  I laughed, I cried, I wanted to kick ass, but mostly, I fell completely in love with Ethan and Jaz. Ethan is one of the best book boyfriends out there and Jaz is a true brawler in the ring, yet struggles with expressing her emotions.  This book will put your heart through the wringer in the best of ways.


So, there you have it!  My top picks in the Sports romance genre.  I know there are so many amazing books and authors out there that I hardly chipped away at what I could have included here.

Do you have any favorite Sports Romances?  I want to know about them, so please leave me a comment shouting them out!

Happy Reading!



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  1. I love sports romances, and for some reason, hockey romances are my favorites. I was really impressed you had a basketball romance up there. I feel like that sport is not really featured.

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    1. I adore hockey romance! I think it’s because I love hockey in real life. Honestly, I don’t know that I would have sought out a basketball romance if it wasn’t for the author. I am a pretty big fan of Mickey Miller’s writing, so it was an easy decision to snap up the Casanova Experience. Thank you for stopping by!

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