~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ It’s My Birthday!


Hello March! 

I love the month of March for many reasons . . . First, it usually means Spring is on the way and I can say goodbye to snow until hopefully next November.  St Patrick’s Day is also in March, which was very special to my mother.  She loved all things Irish and always celebrated with tales of Leprechauns and who hid gold coins behind your ears (supposedly a few of our great uncles who had immigrated from Ireland) and was also a pro at placing her thumb  into a bottle of beer and having it turn green which never ceased to amaze my brother and I as children.

The best part of March, for me, however, is my birthday!  No matter how old you get, it’s an excuse to treat yourself and celebrate another year of life!  This year I may have gone a bit overboard, but I’ll let you decide!




So, I’ve been wanting a new tattoo for quite some time, but couldn’t really decide exactly what or where.  We had a new shop open down the road from us, and I decided it was time to take the plunge (again) and go for it.  This time, however, I wanted to shout out my love for books and reading, so this is the final product.

It’s healed up really well and I am totally ready to rock my new tattoo this Spring and Summer.  I wanted something that was definitely recognizable as a book, but also showed the joy and magic reading brings me.  I also asked the artist to include a shamrock that represents my Mom.  I love having that reminder of her with me always, especially since she helped to instill my love of reading from a very young age.  I miss swapping and talking books with her and love the subtle tribute the shamrock adds!




My husband is also a real sweetie when it comes to me obsessing over books.  (I also support him obsessing over guitars, so it’s a fair trade).  This year he got me this super cute journal and matching business card holder so that I had something to keep my blog’s cards in for easy access at book signings and events.

We also had a kid free date night where he took me to a used book store that also sells records  . . . I love listening to vintage vinyl . . . and out to dinner.



Last, but certainly not least, I am headed to Angels & Sirens this weekend!  I went to this signing last year and had an absolute blast!  I love the size of this event . . . it’s a bit more low key than some of the bigger signings which really gives you time as an attendee to stop and chat with all of the authors you want too!  Last year, I made it to every table and hope to do so again this year.  It’s less hectic and rushed and you have time to actually do more than grab a quick picture and signature with the authors which I love! 

Even though this signing is very close to home at less than an hour of drive time, my husband and I decided to take advantage and make it a weekend get-a-way.  Our daughter gets a vacation with Pappy which means ice-cream for dinner and we get to be a couple for a weekend, which is always a great way to relax and reconnect with no responsibilities other than us!


What’s the best way you’ve celebrated your birthday?  I’d love to know!  And, Happy Birthday to all my fellow March babies!


Happy Reading!



18 thoughts on “~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ It’s My Birthday!

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    1. Thank you! I feel so spoiled this year because I have plans for three events! I lucked out that two were being held less than an hour from me so they are easy to justify going.


  1. Hope you have an amazing birthday and you’ve got such great things for the day, I’m sure it would be real good 😀 I love that journal and businesscard case your husband brought for you, it’s so relatable and cute. That tattoo is so pretty and as a reader myself, it holds so much meaning, I’m sure it must be super important to you. Same for the little tribute you gave to your mom by adding a little shamrock as her memory ❤

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