~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ My Angels & Sirens Book Haul


Angels & Sirens was an amazing experience this past weekend!  I only had one pre-order this signing because I really wanted to walk around and see what snagged my attention.  I have to say that I truly love this event.  With just around 40 authors at the signing, readers really have time to chat and connect with all of the authors present.  It was a really fun and relaxed atmosphere with tons of interaction between authors and their fans.


Please note, if you click any of the book covers, you will be take to their Amazon page for more information.



Pre-Orders – because I loved the books . . .

My only pre-orders for this event were for books by Samantha A. Cole.  My collection of Sam’s books continues to grow, and I couldn’t be happier!  I chose Double Down and Dirty because I fell in Love with the Mann twins and their assistant Abby.  I also couldn’t pass up a chance to own The Road to Solace, formerly called The Friar.  This book was so very different from Samantha’s typical style, but I loved it!  The story was stunning and I wanted it for my shelf.  Bonus for me that I was able to purchase it with the original cover and title so it’s now a collector’s edition.


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Impulse buys – because I couldn’t resist . . .

This was truly exciting for me this event!  I really had no ideas of what I wanted to pick up for my personal bookshelf and really grabbed quite a few books based on just chatting with the authors that wrote them!  I’m excited to have so many new to me author’s on my shelf and can’t wait to start reading!


Pittsburgh is a huge hockey town, and there was tons of hockey romance in the house . . . which I adore!  I couldn’t resist picking up a few from these new to me authors RJ Scott, V.L. Locey, Melody Heck Gatto and Stephanie Julian!

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I was also thrilled to win this table raffle from Melody Heck Gatto that was filled with Pittsburgh Penguins gear!  I’m a huge Pens fan and squealed just a few times when I saw all the amazing goodies she had packed in this basket!



My next purchases were totally random!  The Female Recruit by R. Barry Andrews is based on real life events.  Tracy Kincaid‘s Raise the Jolly Roger is a time travel romance and Beyond the Masks by Nicky F. Grant is a BDSM romance.

I also wanted to share that Nicky Grant left one of the most awesome messages ever when signing Beyond the Masks and gushed about how important bloggers are to her and to the industry.   It was really sweet! 

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I purchased Waves of Murder by C.S. McDonald for my daughter.  This is part of a series of cozy mysteries that are appropriate for younger readers.  My daughter loved when I brought her home Murder on Pointe last year, so I couldn’t resist encouraging her love for books!


I couldn’t resist picking up the Dirty Fairy Tales anthology signed by both Brandy Dorsch and Reagan Hollow.  I am truly loving the fairy tale re-tellings that have been trending lately and had to add this to my collection!


I also had great conversations with both Reagan and Brandy!  I was thrilled to find out that Brandy lives very close to where I grew up which makes us practically neighbors.  It was fun just chatting about books, Pittsburgh traffic and construction and other normal talk.  



My final pick of the day was Taylor Dawn‘s Totally Beachin’ Romance.


Taylor Dawn was truly the life of the party!  She was walking around tossing swag like it was confetti!  Her swag was all homemade flowers, magnets and pendants she created from the pages of her own books!  She was fun and chatty and made you want to hang out with her all day!  Her table was next to Brandy‘s and I spent a lot of my time there just because they were so fun and down to earth and easy to chat with!



Blog Giveaways – because I love you guys . . .

There was so much generosity being shown at this signing that I was able to get some amazing signed books to use as giveaways!

As soon as Kate Squires, Brandy Dorsch, Eva Charles, and Taylor Dawn found out I was a blogger, they immediately handed me signed books to use as giveaways for the blog.  What’s super cool about Taylor’s book, Totally Beachin’ Romance is that it is only available at book signings!

Stephanie Summers gave me an incredible deal on Blowback, which has since been retitled and is no longer available to purchase and Samantha A. Cole included a copy of her brand new Trident Security Coloring Book when I purchased Double Down & Dirty to use as a giveaway.


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Overall, Angels & Sirens was an amazing time!  My husband and I enjoyed dining out a few nights as well as hanging out at the gorgeous bar in the hotel lobby while watching hockey, of course.  

A few of the authors also hid some books and swag throughout the hotel after the event for a scavenger hunt that both  readers and authors participated in.

This event is really well organized and put together by hosts Andrea Sloan and Stephanie Reynolds.  They always seem to gather a great mix of authors and create a really easygoing and relaxed atmosphere that both attending readers and signing authors seem to enjoy!  I can’t wait for next year!


Happy Reading!












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