~Book Review~ “Rumors: Emerson & Ryder” by Rachael Brownell


My Review:

Emerson Hastings thought she had a good relationship . . . for the most part.  It wasn’t until she took a job at a marketing firm that’s a competitor to the company her live in boyfriend works for that she realizes just how limiting and controlling he really is.  She’s ready to take this chance to prove herself, however, even if that means walking away from a relationship that no longer seems to be working for her. What she didn’t expect was to find herself extremely attracted to her sex on a stick new boss.

Ryder Dixon is going through a nasty divorce.  The last thing he should have on his mind is another woman.  But, he can’t seem to keep his thoughts away from his new assistant, Emerson.  She’s gorgeous, smart and caring. While he knows he should keep his distance, he can’t seem too.

Working in an office means dealing with rumors, and those rumors are spreading about Emerson and Ryder.  They’re hard to ignore, and each new rumor seems to make their attraction to one another grow. No one but Emerson seems to be worried about whether or not the rumors are true as long as there is gossip to spread. Emerson’s best friend reminds her that the best way to stop a rumor is to make it true. Now it’s just up to Emerson to see if she has the courage to ignore the rumor mill and go after what she wants . . . . her boss!

I love a plot that has two people who aren’t looking for love have it fall directly into their laps at the worst possible time, and Rumors did just that!  Both Emerson and Ryder have been living with rotten relationships for years. Neither wants something new, they just want space and happiness, yet they are so drawn to one another that they soon realize they are one another’s happy place.  

I really enjoyed the characters in this book.  I loved watching Emerson re-find herself after realizing she wasn’t happy with her ex and why she wasn’t happy.  I also liked that even though Ryder was finalizing a divorce, he knew he didn’t want to pass up what could be a great thing between him and Emerson, but was willing to take it as slow as she needed to go.

Rumors was a fun, relaxing and enjoyable read.  No high stress plotlines, but plenty of warm and fuzzies as Ryder and Emerson got to know one another as well as some laughs courtesy of Emerson’s best friend Angie.  4 stars!


Author: Rachael Brownell
Genre: Office Romance
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Publication Date: Mar. 22, 2018
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR




“Like wildfire, rumors are easy to spread… and hard to extinguish.”


Flat broke and down on her luck, Emerson Hastings is handed the perfect opportunity. Executive assistant to the head of Creative Marketing at Dixon Advertising. It’s a chance to prove herself, move up with the company, and land her dream job in media advertising. What Emerson doesn’t know is that her boss should come with a warning label. He’s hotheaded, demanding, and sexy as sin.


When long days turn into late nights with her boss, rumors about Emerson and Ryder begin to spread. By the time they circle back to her, they’re difficult to ignore, making her attraction to her boss hard to deny. Everyone has an opinion and no one cares if the rumors are true. No one except Emerson.


Rachael Brownell is an award-winning author of both YA and NA Romance.
Rachael is a midwest girl (yes, they say she has an accent but no, she doesn’t hear it) who loves to create amazing stories that tug at your heart strings with book boyfriends that you wish were real. She keeps her storylines realistic – either she’s heard about it happening to someone or feels that it could happen in real life. She also likes her characters to be relatable so she tries to give them at least one characteristic that is similar to someone she knows.


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Did you hear?
 From Award-Winning Author Rachael Brownell comes a series of six stand-alone, office romance novels.
Gossip in the break room.
 Whispers in the hallway.
 Like wildfire, rumors are easy to spread…. and hard to extinguish.

Find out which rumors are fact and which are pure speculation.
6 rumors
 5 engagements
4 weddings
3 babies
2 cheaters
1 source
“Stop fidgeting,” Angela says, shutting off the engine. “It’s not like he’s going to whisk you away to his bedroom and have his way with you. Well, unless you ask nicely.”
“Stop it,” I scold as Ryder’s front door opens and my sexy boss appears, sans shirt, his shorts riding low on his hips. “Fuck me,” I whisper.
“All you have to do is ask,” Angela teases as she opens her door, moving swiftly before I have a chance to smack her.
Following her lead, I begin gathering bags from the trunk. When I turn to follow Angela, I find my path blocked.
“How’s your head?” Ryder asks, taking the bags from my hand.
“Your headache?”
“Oh, yeah. Slept it off. I’m good.” I’m fumbling over every word as I stare at Ryder’s bare chest.
I’ve seen him without a shirt on before, and yes, I enjoyed the view then, but this is different. We’re not at the office. No one is around except Angela and she seems to have disappeared. This feels dangerous and dirty, and all I want is to reach out and trace the lines of his peck and maybe his abs. Or the top of his waistband.



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