~Book Review~ “Tangled” by Vanessa Vale


My Review:

Christina Cricket  Johnson is a hard working nursing student, who just happens to enjoy a bit of fun when she can get it.  A year ago, she had an amazing weekend with three hot cowboys at a rodeo, but since then reality in the form of school and two jobs has ruled her world.  When she’s forced to take out a loan from a loan shark to pay her tuition, Cricket finds herself in one heck of a jam when he comes trying to collect “interest” in the form of her stripping at his club.  She barely escapes and finds herself heading towards the Steele Ranch she’s just found out she’s inherited as one of Aiden Steele’s daughters.

When Sherriff Archer Wade pulls over the gorgeous young woman who is speeding, he immediately realizes two things.  One, she’s afraid of something and two, she’s the woman that he and his best friends hooked up with last year at the rodeo.  He recognizes her nickname, but she has no idea who he is since the room had been pitch black to help her explore her fantasy.  

When she asks to be arrested, he knows she’s in trouble and immediately calls in for backup in the form of Lee and Sutton.  And, now that these cowboys have her back, they plan on taking care of all of her troubles and never letting her go!

I’m a fan of Vanessa Vale’s Steel Ranch series, especially since each book seems to get better and better!  I really love how smart and independent Cricket was. She’s a hard worker and knows what she wants out of life.  I also love that when she realized she had people willing to share her burdens with her, that she let them. She’s not a pushover, however, and gives just as good as she gets . . .when Sutton tried to keep himself apart due to baggage he has from his time in the military, Cricket doesn’t stand for it and is willing to fight for all three of her men!

Archer, Sutton and Lee combined really want to offer Cricket all they are and all they have.  Each is very different personality wise and I loved watching how those traits play off one another and make sure that Cricket has all she needs to be safe and happy.  And, I do have to say, while all the men are pure Alpha and all cowboy, I have a soft spot for Jamison!

While part of a series, Tangled can easily be read as a standalone.  I can almost guarantee, however that you’ll want to go back and pick up the other books in the series.  Tangled has plenty of heat and suspense and makes for a fantastic story! 4.5 stars



Tangled by Vanessa Vale is AVAILABLE NOW!
This MFMM is all about her and getting tangled with three hot cowboys!

Vanessa’s Store → https://goo.gl/F1KSA8
Amazon → http://amzn.to/2GdtbwQ
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If you’ve never saddled up with a few Vanessa Vale cowboys, now is your chance! Welcome to Steele Ranch, where the men are hot, dominant and know what they want.

Cricket is used to relying on no one but herself. Working two jobs to get through nursing school, she has no time for anything but studying and paying the bills. When three hot cowboys give her a night to remember, she believes it’s just that. One night.

For Sutton, Archer and Lee, Cricket’s the one who got away. Hell, she’s The One. Period. When fate puts her back in their arms, they’ll stop at nothing to keep her.

This is book three in the Steele Ranch series. If you like hot cowboys, you (and Cricket) get three in this one. They’re hot, they know exactly what they want and nothing will stand in their way.

A standalone read, this is MFMM-it’s all about the heroine.

***This novel was previously titled ROPED. This is still a BRAND NEW RELEASE.

ADD TO YOUR TBR > http://bit.ly/2olQJWf


Start the series now with SPURRED!
Vanessa’s Store- https://goo.gl/wBEhtR
Amazon US- http://amzn.to/2IFC40m
Amazon UK- https://goo.gl/5THWpR
iBooks- https://goo.gl/EoQUc7
Nook- https://goo.gl/P6v6HA
Google- https://goo.gl/Diqycw
Kobo- https://goo.gl/n76BTm

About the Author:
Vanessa Vale is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 30 books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don’t just fall in love, they fall hard. When she’s not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate class. While she’s not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers.

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