~Book Review~ “Coveted” by Grace White

My Review:

Coveted begins where book one, Cursed, left off and cannot be read as a standalone.

Terra Materson has a lot to deal with.  She’s 19 years old and in her freshman year at college . . .and happens to have the spirit of the ancient goddess Gaia residing inside her.  It’s quite an adjustment and she’s struggling to balance her independence and life as a normal college student with the supernatural powers growing within her each day.  

As her powers grow so does the threat against her.  It’s pure evil and is following Terra about campus, which causes her protectors, Ross, Cael, Endo and Sol to hover even more.  The more time they spend together, the more their connection and attraction grow. She also has a coven of witches tapping in to her powers to strengthen their own magic.  

Terra isn’t sure who to trust anymore.  With Gaia’s memories returning and her own powers growing, Terra is being pulled in many directions and is no longer able to tell who is friend or foe.  Trusts will be tested and broken, passions begin to soar and Terra is stalked by an evil the guys can’t feel and she can’t see. Will they be able to keep Terra safe from harm while giving her the time and space she needs to integrate all of Gaia’s thoughts and powers?  And, will Ross, Cael, Endo and Sol be able to have from Terra what they couldn’t from Gaia while in Elysia? Only time will tell.

Grace White has me completely hooked on the Gaia Chronicles.  I love Terra and the struggles she is facing that are causing her to grow and blossom.  While she shares her past with Gaia, she really is just a 19 year old trying to figure out life on her own for the first time.  She’s independent and intelligent and I really loved watching her explore her new powers. I also enjoyed watching her with each one of the guys as all of their relationships deepened in this book.

Each of her guys brings something totally different to Terra and they all long for her.  They are pushing boundaries with her personally they couldn’t before when she had been a goddess and they are also struggling with doing their duty and doing the right thing for Terra as well.  She needs them just as much as they need her.

I feel like I am right there with Terra trying to figure out what is hunting her as well as who she can trust.  The Grace White lets us know not all is as it seems, and not everyone is who you think they are, but deciphering who can and cannot be trusted is still out for debate.  

This book was a fantastic edition to the series and really helps build up the plot in so many ways.  I’m left wanting more. More of the guys with Terra. More of Terra discovering the extent of her powers.  More of trying to find out who is and isn’t a threat and just what battle is coming . . . as it’s been teased that whatever it is, it’s big!  Bring it on, Grace White! I can’t wait! 5 stars.

Title: Coveted (The Gaia Chronicles #2)
Author: Grace White
Genre: Urban Fantasy romance (reverse harem)
Publication Date: April 24th, 2018


Terra Materson knew moving to Atchison College would take some getting used to. But she didn’t expect to discover she had the spirit of an ancient goddess inside her.
It’s a lot to process. Not to mention the four overprotective guys who have made it their mission to take Terra under their wing. But as her connection to Ross, Cael, Endo, and Sol intensifies, so too does her need for the truth.

Her protectors want to keep her safe. The witches need her power. And her new friends just want her to live a little. But as her hidden memories slowly return, Terra is left questioning who she can trust. Because with magic in the air, anyone could be an enemy and nothing may be as it seems…
Grace White is the paranormal pseudonym of romance writer, L A Cotton.

She resides in the UK with her family, and lives for binge watching series on her Firestick, losing herself in a good book, and reliving her younger days through trashy teenage movies … not necessarily in that order.

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