~New Release~ “A Mariner to Seduce Her” by Virginia Heath

A Warriner to Seduce Her

A Warriner to Seduce Her

A sensible schoolmistress… Awakened by the notorious rake!

In this The Wild Warriners story, schoolmistress Felicity Blunt feels old beyond her years―and desperately dull. Meeting confirmed rake Jacob Warriner brings her gloriously alive, and yet no matter his allure she must remain immune to his obvious charms and unashamed flirtation. But is Jacob merely a mischievous scoundrel? Or is there much more to this Warriner than meets the eye…?



A Warriner to Seduce Her

Extract: A Warriner to Seduce Her by Virginia Heath

It is a pleasure to be on The World Was Hers For The Reading, thanks so much for helping me celebrate publication day! A Warriner to Seduce Her was a fun book to write. Here’s a little teaser. The hero and heroine’s first kiss…


“Oh no!” They hit another unforgiving road of cobbles and Fliss giggled as she was thrown about the carriage. “This driver should supply his passengers with anchors, or something.” Being lighter and shorter than him, the poor thing did seem to be bearing the brunt of his shocking choice of carriage.

“Here- let me help.” Jake wound his arm firmly about her shoulders and used some of his weight to hold her down, frantically trying to ignore how utterly wonderful she felt against him and how desperately he wanted to kiss her. “When we visit St Paul’s we’ll take a smelly Hackney and some nosegays.”

She giggled again. “You do make me smile Jake.” That smile rendered all the maudlin regrets temporarily forgotten and he chuckled alongside her. That smile, the warmth of her body next to him, the inexplicable lightness in his chest and the perfect feel of her beneath his arm proved to be his undoing. Lord she was lovely. Just this innocent touch fired his body and soothed his aching heart. Made him temporarily forget all the reasons why he shouldn’t be listening to his heart.

“Berkley Square!” The driver’s shout accompanied the sudden jolt as the carriage began to slow.

Reluctantly he let go of her, internally cursing the swiftness of the journey while simultaneously thankful he had resisted. Because if he hadn’t then he knew that a mere kiss would be more than a mere kiss. It would be the start of something he didn’t have the strength to stop. A path he was too terrified to go down, yet so very tempted denying himself hurt. Deep in his chest. Dangerously in the vicinity of his black heart. Fliss reached for her small reticule and clutched it in both hands as she turned to him. Her smile this time was wistful.

“Thank-you for today. For everything. Thank Heavens you happened to be in Hyde Park this morning. You do have an uncanny knack to being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. At times, you almost seem dependable.”

“Perhaps fate is trying to tell us something?” Something certainly seemed to want to tell him something. Jake was feeling decidedly off-kilter and didn’t give a damn.

“I don’t believe in fate. Coincidence perhaps. But even so, today has been the best fun I have had since arriving in London.”

“It’s been the most fun I’ve had in months. Years probably.” As soon as he said them, he realised the words were true. Somewhere along the line he had become jaded and his profession as a seducer had become dull. Each seduction a memorised routine offering little challenge and culminating in less and less satisfaction. But then Jake usually only offered his body and kept his heart guarded. It had never beat with such purpose before, or stuttered in his chest because of a pair of wonky spectacles or a smile as bright and as therapeutic as warm summer sunshine. “Don’t go back to Cumbria yet.” An odd knot formed in his throat. “I’ll miss you.” And understatement. Jake would be bereft. Perhaps even heartbroken.

Definitely heartbroken.

Her green eyes gazed deeply into his to see if the words were sincere and he saw the exact moment that she did. “Oh Jake…” Perhaps because it was now as necessary as breathing, his head dipped of its own accord this time. Jake had no control over it. He didn’t recall a Lord Fennimore, or a Crispin Rowley or his well-used seducers arsenal or his parents toxic love. Instead, nature and the over-whelming rightness of Fliss guided his actions. His nose gently brushed hers. He nuzzled her cheek. Then he surrendered to the uncontrollable need to taste her.

By his usual standards it was a clumsy kiss. A little too eager. A little too fast and too loaded with meaning, but all the sweeter for it. The kiss was innocently soft, for both his own sanity and because he was too busy glorying in the perfection of the moment to push for more. Gentle and tender somehow seemed right as this was not a seduction it was an exploration. An overture from his foolish, wary heart to hers. To see if it might miraculously want more too despite both their better judgements, but the moment her lips responded he was ablaze. The simple, chaste kiss became more significant than any other before. Obliterated all previous kisses and conquests completely from his memories until there were no other kisses. Had never been any other conquests. It wasn’t the master seducer who was kissing Fliss. It was just Jake.

Heart and soul.


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A Warriner To Seduce Her - Virginia Heath

About the Author:

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Fortunately, the lovely people at Harlequin Mills & Boon took pity on her and decided to publish her romances, but it still takes her forever to fall asleep.

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