~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ Lake Erie, PA

We were not able to take a big vacation this year, but I was able to sneak up to Lake Erie with my husband and daughter for a few days.

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My husband and I both went to in this area (met and married here as well) but have not lived in Erie for almost 15 years!  It was lovely to be back for a few days to see what’s changed and what favorite spots were still around.

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These are a few pictures from our vacation. 


The lake was colder than expected.  Of course, it didn’t help that it was a cool, dreary day with a high of only about 73 degrees. 

We visited the Tom Ridge Environmental Center and I fell in love with these quirky fake movie posters.


We also climbed the observation tower at the TREC and visited the Perry Monument and one of the lighthouses along the Presque Isle peninsula.


My favorite moment of the trip, however, has to be the sarcasm that poured from my pre-teen in literal waves today.

While we were at the Perry Monument, I asked her if she knew why this part of the lake was known as Misery Bay. (For any history lovers, this is famous from the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812)

Her response . . . . wait for it . . .

“Because any one forced to come here is miserable.” 

Here are a few “miserable” pictures just because it made my husband and mine’s day!


Tomorrow we head to the woods, so no wifi for  few days!  Good thing I have lots of books already downloaded!

Happy Reading!



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