~Monthly Wrap-Up~ July and August 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my July and August Wrap-Up.

So, life totally escaped me at the end of July and by the time I had a moment to think about doing a monthly wrap up, the month was more than half over . . .so, I’m doubling up this month.

Life has been busy!  We had time for a short family vacation before my daughter started middle school!  I’m still in shock that my one and only is old enough to go to middle school . . . I also work for an EdTech company, so back to school time equals insanity on that front as well.  Luckily I was still able to slip in some reading time, although that’s been getting more difficult lately.

So, here is everything that happened in my corner of the book world for the past two months!

July &  August Reviews:

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“Stetson” by Danielle Norman

“Siren Beloved” by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak

“Jaded: Zane & Honor” by Tess Thompson

“DILF Diaries: Oh Baby” by Stephanie St. Klaire

“Quit Your Pitchin’” by Lani Lynn Vale

“Grasping for Air” by K.L. Donn

“The Price of Brimstone” by Allie Gail

“One to Keep” by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak

“Four Day Fling” by Emma Hart

“Revenge Love” by Kata Čuić

“Cut Free” by Julia Wolf

“Crowned” by Grace White

“Undisputed” by Aaron L. Speer

“Protected” by Lexi Blake

“My Kinda Forever” by Lacey Black



41ORV7o33mL._SY346_  51AxdvV6hiL._SY346_  51HLgeHDNFL._SY346_  418mcQSIQAL._SY346_  513AhWqSbaL._SY346_

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“Montana Wild” by Vanessa Vale

“Holding Hailey” by Kat Mizera

“Clean Sweep” by Kate Willoughby

“Bedfellows” by Lola Leighton

“Don’t Fight It” by Samantha A. Cole

“Miss Behave” by Nikky Kaye

“Montana Ice” by Vanessa Vale

“Come For Me, Darling” by Alexis Anne

“Rumors: Megan & Vincent” by Rachael Brownell



51+F4uu6QnL._SY346_  51fNw8T07EL._SY346_  51JuRrtGF7L._SY346_  51kQjZPLMhL._SY346_  516p2Pmq0oL._SY346_

41c+aU3TT3L._SY346_  51UgLE9VNwL._SY346_  511zMh3LNyL._SY346_  515t2jD3PBL._SY346_  5160aNHw8BL._SY346_

“Sweet Fire” by JH Croix

“Smitten in Santorini” by Kat Mizera

“Foolish Games” by Lilliana Anderson

“Branded” by Stacy Gail

“Montana Heat” by Vanessa Vale

“The Doctor” by Nikki Sloane

“Wednesday” by Victoria Danann

“Filthy Fight” by Alta Hensley

“Fighting Gravity” by Julie Adams

“Beauty’s War” by Anna Edwards & Claire Marta



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“The Bachelor Auction” by J.C. Reed

“Safe in his Arms” by K.L. Donn

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~Reader Recommendations~ July 2018

~Reader Recommendations~ August 2018


Can’t Wait Wednesday – “Smitten in Santorini” by Kat Mizera

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “Revenge Love” by Kata Čuić

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “Undisputed” by Aaron L. Speer

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “My Kinda Forever” by Lacey Black

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “Memento Mori” by Lexi Blake

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “Quintus” by Kym Grosso

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “More of You” by A.L. Jackson

Can’t Wait Wednesday – “The Good Samaritan” by RC Boldt


That’s What He Said Thursday – Benjamin Kaine – “Come For Me, Darling” by Alexis Anne

That’s What He Said Thursday – Jack Decker – “DILF DIARIES: Oh Baby” Stephanie St. Klaire

That’s What He Said Thursday – Ryland Brody – “Branded” by Stacy Gail

That’s What He Said Thursday – Jason Gould – “Revenge Love” by Kata Čuić

That’s What He Said Thursday – Nathan Erickson – “Fighting Gravity” by Julie Adams

That’s What He Said Thursday – Christian Poe – “Blackout” by Dannika Dark

That’s What He Said Thursday – Charlie Hamada – “Cut Free” by Julia Wolf

That’s What He Said Thursday – Nick Adams – “My Kinda Forever” by Lacey Black



First Line Friday – Stetson by Danielle Norman

First Line Friday – Clean Sweep by Kate Willoughby

First Line Friday – Revenge Love by Kata Čuić

First Line Friday – Protected by Lexi Blake

First Line Friday – The Starfish Talisman by Lark Griffing

First Line Friday – Cut Free by Julia Wolf

First Line Friday – More of You by A.L. Jackson

First Line Friday – Roadster by Danielle Norman


Down the TBR Hole 8/18/18

Down the TBR Hole 8/25/18

Down the TBR Hole 9/1/2018



2018 Paranormal Reading Challenge

Mount TBR 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge

2018 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

I can’t wait to see what the month of September brings!  Hopefully some cooler temperatures and some great books!

Happy Reading! ~Janine

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