~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ My Authors in the Steel City Book Haul


You’ve gotta love an author event that’s close to home, and this was only about 40 minutes from my house to the hotel where the event was taking place.  And, it’s really exciting to visit with authors who share my home town as well as catch up with some of the authors I’ve met at other local signings.

While there were plenty of authors and fans present, I loved the smaller feel to this signing because I was able to stop and chat at every single table and spend as much time as I wanted without feeling rushed to wither move on because there was a line forming behind me or because I would run our of time before I got to see everyone.


Please note, if you click any of the book covers, you will be take to their Amazon page for more information.


One of my favorite things about this signing was just how many authors of hockey romance were in attendance!  This is my favorite sports romance to read, as I am a huge hockey fan in real life (Lets Go Pens!) and I was able to snag a bunch of books for my collection!

518B1TbAknL._SY346_  20180908_145831

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Kat at another event, and this time I happily added Defending Dani to my collection.  She’s so genuine with fan and her reader group on facebook is a ton of fun to e a part of.  I’m really enjoying her newest Alaska Blizzard series and couldn’t resist picking up a signed copy of book one.


20180908_140758  51SLYjYqURL._SY346_

Kristen Hope Mazzola is too cute for words and I was thrilled to pick up a copy of Playoff Beard from her Shots on Goal series.


 51sp-RK3MyL  20180908_142328

Jaymee Jacobs is a new to me author, but I couldn’t resist picking up two copies of book one of her Dallas Comets series, A Valuable Trade.  I’ll keep one for my shelf and will have a giveaway for the second copy soon!


 20180908_144137   51OxsyT93QL._SY346_

I met Melody Heck Gatto at an event earlier this year and picked up a copy of Zambonis and Mistletoe for myself.  This time, I snagged a signed copy to use as a giveaway – be on the lookout around Christmas!


51Z3CEoP7kL     20180908_150144

While this book isn’t hockey related, Tiffani Lynn also writes hockey romance!  I picked up Beauty, Bliss & a Bed of Roses because I’m a sucker for a forbidden romance!



My final hockey romance purchase was S.R. Gray’s Destiny on Ice. 

I’m going to need an entire shelf at this point to house all my boys of winter romances!


Here are some of the other amazing books I picked up!



Secrets by Mikey Lee.  He’s always super sweet to meet and I was thrilled to meet his wife, Heather Roberts who runs L. Woods PR.  And, yes, that is Kristen Hope Mazzola on the cover!



Tethered by Abigail Lee Justice.



Crazy Notion by Sarah Darlington.



Serviced by Remi Richland



Claimed by Christmas by Rexi Lake



Fragile Hearts by Nicole Strycharz & Steve Wilhelm




I was also thrilled to add a whole bunch of signatures to this Dirty Fairytales Collection!

It’s now been signed by cover models Julie Mick-Schalm and Kyle English as well as authors Brandy Dorsch, Reagan Hollow, Cheri Marie, JM Schalm, Jaime Russell & Bethany Loughlin-Frost!


A huge thank you goes to M.M Koenig who donated an entire signed set of her Secrets and Lies Series to be used as a giveaway.  Seriously, someone is going to be a very lucky winner to get their hands on these three gorgeous books!


My final purchase and shout out goes to Kata Čuić!  Seriously, I spend hours talking to Kata and she is completely amazing.  She’s funny and sweet and a huge supporter of the blog.  I completely fell in love with her book, Revenge Love and can’t wait to start snapping up everything she has written.

51xUEQgovxL._SY346_    20180908_123810

I had the best time just hanging out with Kata and love that she is from Pittsburgh.  I hope to be able to connect again at a signing soon!


Authors in the Steel City was a fabulous time, and I’m thrilled that the organizer, Cheri Marie has already announced dates for next September!  Not only did I get to meet and hang out with so many wonderful authors, I also met fellow bloggers Heather Roberts from L Woods PR and Natasha Carrere from Read, Review, Repeat.

I can’t say enough positive things about this event and I hope I get to see some of you next September!

Happy Reading!



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