~Book Review~ “Exposed” by Lula Baxter

My Review

Exposed was my first Lula Baxter book and . . . OMG!!!!!  So, I was hooked by the blurb. I mean, it sounded totally hot and sexy as can be.  And, Exposed was truly sizzling hot! But, I became even more excited the more I read because the book and characters had such unexpected depth for me that I truly couldn’t put it down!

Prynne and Rhys couldn’t come from more opposite backgrounds . . . yet they share something that draws them together like moths to a flame.  Prynne is a the typical girl next door, but with a hidden exhibitionist desire to be seen for more than what people see on the surface. Rhys is the ultimate bad boy who has no problem exposing himself but longs for someone to see past that to the real him.  They both carry huge secrets, that if exposed, carry consequences that will ripple out further than themselves. Yet, they can’t help but to explore with one another and share their deepest and darkest desires.

Honestly, the story was fabulous and unexpected.  With every layer of Prynne and Rhys that the author exposed, I was drawn into the book further and further.  I loved them as individuals and how they both created lives for themselves when they felt the need to run from their pasts and I loved them even more as a couple that could provide one another with exactly what the both needed and desired.

Exposed was truly an exceptional read that ticked off all of my boxes of a great story, amazing characters, humor, sweet moments of romance and steaming hot scenes of sexual exploration that will knock your socks off!  5 stars.

Title: Exposed

Series: A Miseducation Romance

Author: Lula Baxter

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance (standalone)

Release Date: January 23, 2019

“This is your audience, Prynne. Eight-million people outside that window, waiting to see what you have to offer.”

She chose the hotel for the view of New York.

I chose the hotel for New York’s view of me.

It’s her own fault for knocking on my hotel room door.

Didn’t she learn not to talk to strangers?

You never know what state of dress—or in my case, undress— you’ll find them in.

As it turns out, she’s trying to finish a romance novel.

There’s just one, tiny little problem.

One I’m more than happy to help her out with.

My one and only rule:

The curtains stay open. Always.

I know underneath that facade of innocence is a woman longing to be seen.

Soon all interest in that romance novel is lost in the world of public exploration.

The risk of getting caught is exciting…

…until both our secrets are EXPOSED.

This is an ultra-sexy Stand Alone in the Miseducation Romance series with a Happy Ending. You do not have to read the others in the series to enjoy this one.

WARNING: This book includes a lot of full-frontal, birthday suit, bare it all, steamy scenes…mostly in front of windows, as well as filthy, dirty language so 18+ only!

I am a lover of sinfully sexy romance. Alpha males who combine intelligence, wit, and charm, with that tiny bit of dominance and aggression to spice things up. Heroines, who have their own sinfully sexy side.
When I’m not typing away at my keyboard, in between sips of wine, you can find me out exploring New York City, where I live… or some other far away place, finding fodder for my novels.



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