~Book Review~ “Ruined” by A.K. MacBride

My Review:

Eli doesn’t trust easy after the first love of his life ripped his heart out  While he’s left with his walls high around his heart, his daughter Molly is the bright spot that fills his world with her smiles.

Zoe has some dark spots in her past, and covers her insecurities with flirting and one night stands.  She’s made some decisions she now regrets, and when she finds she is being stalked by an abusive one night stand, she flees to visit her best friend Kenzie.

Having met at their BFFs wedding a few months ago, they never expected their overwhelming desires would still be present when they came face to face again.  When she sees Eli again, Zoe knows she wants him, and his daughter, but how can she bring her damage into their lives? Eli has his own baggage, and while he doesn’t want to let Zoe in, it’s impossible not to.  She’s like the sun bringing bright things into his world.

Can two damaged people move forward to make a family?  And, will Zoe’s past be enough of a threat to keep them apart?

A.K. MacBride’s Willow Creek series is seriously heart warming! I wasn’t sure how I felt about Eli from prior books, but he gave me all the feels in Ruined!   And his daughter Molly is the sweetest child! She’s bright and funny and brings so much to this story. I loved watching Eli and Molly together, and really enjoyed how quickly Molly clicked with Zoe and watching their relationship blossom throughout the story.

While it took a bit to get there, once Eli and Zoe decided to give it a go, they were all in, and it was simply gorgeous!  Fans of the series will also love catching up with the rest of the family.

This was a beautiful small town romance, sugary sweet in the best of ways with enough suspense to keep readers captivated.  4.5 stars

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I have no space or need for it.

I’m perfectly happy with my little girl

being the only woman in my life.

Then Zoe Carlisle comes waltzing into my town

looking sinfully sexy and troubled as hell.

Although my mind warns me

that this woman and her secrets will ruin me,

my heart is yelling that I need to protect her

—no matter what the cost.

“A.K. MacBride definitely knows how to tug at your heartstrings! I’m ready to melt into a puddle of goo, after reading Eli and Zoe’s story.” –Sharing My Book Boyfriends

“If you are looking for a second chance, light-hearted, easy and fun read, this is your book.” –The Sassy Nerd Blog

“This was a beautiful small town romance, sugary sweet in the best of ways with enough suspense to keep readers captivated.” – The World Was Hers For The Reading

Author of romances that leave you with ALL the feels.

She likes her coffee big and strong and her chocolate sinfully dark.

Living in a small town in South Africa, she’s afforded the luxury of being surrounded by mountains and waking up to birds singing their morning songs.

In addition to her coffee and chocolate obsession, she can’t say no to cheesecake or pastry.

When she is not creating emotional reads that tug on heartstrings, she’s busy being a wife to her best friend and a mom to a sassy little girl (whom she wouldn’t want any other way).

She just so happens to love stalkers, so don’t be shy and get your stalk on.

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