~Book Review~ “The Exiled Prince” by Jeana E. Mann


My Review:

One crazy and supposedly incognito night turns into so much more for a personal assistant and an exiled prince.

Rourke snuck into the event of the season, knowing the mask would help to protect her identity.  When she’s swept up into a night of debauchery and intrigue, she knows she should say no, but chooses to live in the moment for one night only before getting her life in order.

Typically bored by the event he hosts, Roman never attends, but there is something about the masked beauty who he knows is not on the guest list that has all of his attention.  When she refuses to tell who she is, he searches for her without luck . . .until fate tosses them together once again, months later, this time as a billionaire businessman and his new personal assistant.

Ohhhh, I loved Rourke.  She is so unexpected as a character.  She’s bold, sassy and independent, yet vulnerable, and the perfect match to keep Roman on his toes.  And, Roman is everything that an exiled prince should be. He’s dominant, charismatic, shrewd and completely ruthless when he needs to be.   And, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the cat and mouse like game that ensued between Rourke and Roman.

I enjoyed the addition of the storyline revolving around Roman’s daughter, as it gave him a much needed feeling of being human and vulnerable.  I also loved his relationship with his head of security, Ivan. The author also gives readers a unique twist of fate by allowing them the choice of opting into the happy ever after Rourke and Roman have reached (because book one is a complete story) or continuing on in the trilogy.   And, that sneak peek of what happens on book two . . . holy crap!

Hot and spicy, full of intrigue with teases of the suspense to come, The Exiled Prince had me hooked from page one.  5 stars!



About the Book:


One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple.

I’ve never been reckless with my heart until I meet a handsome stranger at a secret masquerade ball. From the glint of his dark eyes, he knows I don’t have an invitation. I’m not rich or a celebrity. I’m just the personal assistant of someone important. Instead of showing me the door, he escorts me through the gardens and into a world of decadence, sin, and forbidden pleasures.

From the moment we meet, I can’t stop thinking about him. The way his hands feel on my hips. The press of his hard chest against mine. Everything about this night is a sham except for the way he owns my body. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my normal life and forget this ever happened. Tonight, I’m going to live it up.

Except…this isn’t the ending. It’s just the beginning. A few months later, my new boss is the billionaire exiled prince from the masquerade, and I’m in serious trouble.

Cinderella meets Fifty Shades in this dark, royalty romance.


Google Play: http://bit.ly/2OXcQAq

About the Author:

Jeana is a USA Today bestselling author from Indiana. She gave up a career in the corporate world to write about sexy billionaires and alpha bad boys. With over twenty books, three series, and several awards beneath her belt, she’s never regretted her choice to live out her dream. She’s a free-spirit, a wanderer, and loves animals with a passion. When she’s not tripping over random objects, you’ll find her walking in the sunshine with her rambunctious dogs and dreaming about true love.

Join Jeana’s mailing list at http://eepurl.com/bY7tab for news about her latest releases and upcoming appearances or text the word Jeana to 21000 to receive text alerts.

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