~Book Review~ “HateMates” by Mickey Miller


My Review:

Mickey’s Miller’s Hatemates was a really fun college romance!

When an administrative mistake has DJ Dalton and Alex Reyes rooming together, their lives are set on a collision course that neither can avoid.  You see, Alex is all female . . . and the only female at that in an all male dorm.

On the surface, they couldn’t appear to be more opposite in pretty much every aspect that defines them.  But, they have so much more in common than they ever could have imagined as well as an attraction they can’t ignore, especially when sharing such a small space.  Getting involved with your roommate is a terrible idea . . .but what if you can’t help yourself?

Mickey Miller did a great job of creating a relationship between DJ and Alex that felt very organic and never forced.  They go through so many feelings and “phases” as they move from new roommates to more and I really enjoyed their banter and interactions with each other and their group of friends.

Alex is super unique and kind of edgy and has a tragic past.  DJ is the All American jock with a rotten present that he hides from the world.  When they finally let their defenses down around one another and stop making assumptions, they are magic.

Mickey keeps the story fun and interesting with a great cast of friend characters surrounding Alex and DJ that I can’t wait to learn more about in future books.  There’s also plenty of drama and angst as miscommunications, assumptions, jealousy and some family drama abound. Hatemates was a fun read and a great start to his new series.  4 stars.


About the Book:


You arrive to college on the first day, ready to meet your roommate in the girl’s dorm.
A huge mistake puts you into the male dorm.
Your roommate? He’s DJ Dalton, football star and campus celebrity extraordinaire.
You can look, but you can’t touch.

Because the prettiest packages come with the biggest consequences…

Is he panty-meltingly handsome with an attitude to match? Sure.
Do I accidentally fantasize about him one (okay, maybe two) times? Fine, I’m honest enough to admit it.
None of that matters, because we’re opposites in all the ways that are important for getting along as college roommates:
He comes from a perfect life and old money. I come from a broken home and bowls of ramen.
He’s at Greene State to party. I’m here to study.
He’s a popular jock. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing sports.
To say we get off to a rocky start would be an understatement.
Ironically, that’s what causes our sizzling attraction to boil over one night. But even that comes at a price.
Because our story has a twist neither of us could see coming.
One that changes both of our lives, ’till death do us part.

Buy It Now:

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2SZby9n
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2Tf6AnR
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/37YzxK7
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/39286Av


About the Author:

Mickey Miller is a romance author from Chicago, Illinois. His ‘dom-coms’ will make you blush as often as they make you laugh out loud. He enjoys connecting with fans “Mickey’s Misfits” via his Dirty Thursday live feeds and “co-writing” over-the-top romance stories with them. When he’s not writing, he plays guitar and sings in his band, the Dooley Band.

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