Favorite Reads from 2020

2020 is quickly coming to an end.  It’s been a pretty crazy year with a lot of time stuck at home.  Luckily, there were some truly amazing books released this year to keep me entertained.  Here are a few of my favorites!

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SWAT Generation 2.0 by Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale gave readers a new calendar guy each month with a unique story.  Tons of brotherhood and camaraderie. Awesome heroines.  And, visits from family members featured in prior series, like the original SWAT books.  These books and characters are interconnected, but can be read as standalones, but why would you want to!  It’s a binge-worthy series for sure!

Here are my reviews for these books:

Just Kidding

Fries Before Guys

Maybe Swearing Will Help

Ask Me If I Care

May Contain Wine

Joke’s On You

Join the Club

Any Day Now

Say it Ain’t So

Officially Over It

Nobody Knows

Depends on Who’s Asking



The Arrowood Brothers by Corinne Michaels

These men will steal your hearts. What they went through. The guilt that impacted them. The new bonds they are forging as brothers and the amazing women meant to love them.  While these books can be read as standalones, getting the entire story from start to finish really adds so much!  These are passionate and emotional reads!

Here are my reviews for these books:

Come Back For Me

Fight For Me

The One For Me

Stay for Me


Decadent by Eva Charles

The entire Devil’s Due series by Eva Charles was wonderfully dark and hedonistic with intricate plots and unforgettable characters.  But, Delilah and Gray were the standout couple of the series for me.

Here is my review: Decadent


Things That Should Stay Buried by Casey L. Bond

Casey L. Bond released some extraordinary books this year, but my favorite was Things That Should Stay Buried.  It was a unique and captivating fairy tale romance that also stressed the importance of family.

Here is my review: Things That Should Stay Buried


The Breaking Season by  K.A. Linde

This book was truly an enemies to lovers romance to die for!  These characters had been in both the Cruel and Seasons series and Katherine is the character you hate to love.  Seeming to be nothing but a shallow debutante her story is teased throughout several books as glimpses let readers know there is so much more to her than meets the eye and her book did not disappoint!

Here is my review: The Breaking Season


Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting is another author who released multiple fabulous books this year!  But, I loved Kiss My Cupcake.  It is a super fun enemies to lovers romance and felt unique in a trope that can feel cookie cutter at times.  The witty dialogue was a blast!

Here is my review: Kiss My Cupcake


Homebound by Kata Čuić

Homebound was an emotional second chance romance in a very small town.  Kata’s writing always feels very fresh as she jumps from romance trope to trope seamlessly.  This book was enough to bring me to my knees emotionally at times, and I loved every page.

Here is my review: Homebound


Lilac by B.B. Reid

Angst galore!  For real, this book was epic.  A rock band bound together yet falling apart united by one woman with scars of her own.  It was completed unexpected at every turn and as a reader, I was crazy invested in how these characters would find a way to make it work.

Here is my review: Lilac


Crowne Rules by CD Reiss

I enjoyed all of the Crowne brothers, but Dante was my favorite.  He showcased the dark side of the Crowne family and I gloried in these characters.  A simple plot made for incredible character depth and some extremely sexy scenes.

Here is my review: Crowne Rules



No Love Lost & Happily Ever After in Bliss by Lexi Blake

I couldn’t pick just one of Lexi’s books this year . . .and let’s be honest, her Butterfly Bayou series knocked it out of the park as well, so I chose the two books that wrapped up events that had been building throughout their respective series.  These were books that I both couldn’t wait to get my hands on as well as dreaded because I knew they were ending story arcs I was thoroughly invested in, Lexi did these characters justice.  And, nobody does romantic suspense like Lexi Blake!

Here are my reviews:

Happily Ever After in Bliss

No Love Lost



Alas, my list has to end somewhere, and I did want to give honorable mentions to both Emma Hart and Piper Rayne.  I happily snap up every book these ladies write and they consistently give readers fabulous romance with great characters and banter.


What were your top reads this year?  I’d love to know what I should add to my TBR list!

Happy Reading in 2021!


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