~Book Review~ “House of Wolves” by Casey L. Bond

My Review:

House of Wolves is the story of Citali as she transforms into the destiny she was always meant to have.  Readers are brought back into a magical world of ancient myth as a new threat, one of Anubis and death, is felt throughout the newly united kingdoms of Lumina and Helios.  On the brink of death, Citali is saved by The Wolven, only to find her future was far different than she thought it was supposed to be.

As Citali fights for a chance to protect those she loves most . . . her son and his grandparents, her sister Noor and Caeum, Beron and her new pack, she must embrace what she is to become and continually learn to use and shift her powers and strategy as she deals with Anubis, who is the creator of lies, the spinner of illusions, the master of mirages, and God of the Dead.

House of Wolves was truly breathtaking.  Citali is a character like no other.  Her journey is not an easy one and her destiny is unexpected . . .yet, once she understands her purpose, she lets nothing get in her way to stop her from doing what needs to be done.  I loved watching her get to finally spend time with Reyan, come to a new understanding and relationship with her sister and learn to love again with Beron.  And watching her as she tangles with Anubis and learns her true fate was captivating.

Beron was a steadfast and loyal mate to Citali, willing to give up his future to save hers.  A true leader to his pack and protector of his brother, the Lumin, he is the perfect match to Citali once she is ready to accept all that she is and will be.  I loved that Noor and Caelum played such a large part in this story as well, as these characters are all family with a destiny that is woven together in this magical world.

I was truly swept away by this captivating and stunning tale as Casey L Bond again created characters in a world beyond readers imaginations.  5 stars!

Title: House of Wolves

Author: Casey L. Bond

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy
Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens/ The Illustrated Author Design Services
Publication Date: Nov. 19th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Hunt the shadow. Guard the flame.

Noor is the new Aten of Helios, having wrenched the kingdom of the sun from her treacherous father’s hands. Citali stood with her sister against him, and rejoiced when he died at Noor’s hand… But he did not go quietly.

He poisoned the thoughts of their older sister, Zarina, who believes that Noor is not who she claims and was never supposed to be Aten. As Zarina flees the temple to determine her next step, she encounters, then attacks, Citali.

Beaten and left for dead, Citali’s cries are heard by the Wolven of Lumina. In a flurry of fur and fang, Beron rushes to her aid yet fears he arrived too late. With what would have been her dying breath, Citali whispers a secret that changes everything.

Pleading to Lumos – the god of the moon – for a way to save her, Beron is provided an answer that comes at a steep price. Citali will become Wolven. The two bonded together for a lifetime. Despite their tumultuous past, Beron helps hone her new strength and senses, a primal passion now surging through her veins. But can the two stop fighting one another and work together to hunt and destroy the darkness spreading over the sands like a plague of locusts? Or will the sands of time run out for them both?



Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances. World building is one of her favorite hobbies, along with stamping metal jewelry, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of nature. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.

Casey is the award-winning author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, and House of Eclipses.


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