Favorite Reads from 2021

2021 is officially in the books! It was another crazy year with plenty of time for staying in with a good book.  Here are a few of my favorites from last year!  They are not listed in any specific order although I did keep series together.

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Goodbye Guy by Jodi Watters

Jodi Watters had my emotions all over the place with this book and I was completely entranced reading both well into the night and sneaking chapters at work!  Chloe and Jameson were everything.

Here is my review: Goodbye Guy



Ruthless Creatures and Carnal Urges by J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger brings all the drama, intrigue, suspense and some super hot alpha men with both Ruthless Creatures and Carnal Urges.  Kage and Declan are not your typical heroes and Natalie and Sloane give their men a run for their money!  Really fun mafia romance with lots of steam!

Here are my reviews for these books:

Ruthless Creatures

Carnal Urges



The DiLustro Arrangement including Mafia Bride, Mafia King and Mafia Queen by CD Reiss

With betrayal, violence, vengeance, new traditions mixing with the old, tests of loyalty, unwavering love and passion that borders on violence, this trilogy was truly epic!  Honestly, it was a Deliciously dark and decadent seduction and readers won’t know what hit them!

Here are my reviews for these books:

Mafia Bride

Mafia King

Mafia Queen


Gravebriar by Casey L Bond

No one tells a coming of age story quite like Casey L. Bond, and Gravebriar was magical and spellbinding while telling Castor’s tale.  With twists and turns and unexpected delights and complications, Gravebriar is complex and compelling.

Here is my review: Gravebriar


Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels

The entire Willow Creek series has been awesome, but Could Have Been Us was really a standout for me! It is one of the most heartfelt second chance romances I have ever read! I went through every emotion multiple times . . . heartbreak, joy, laughter, hope – you name an emotion, Corinne Michaels brings it in this story!

Here is my review: Could Have Been Us


Treasured by Lexi Blake

I adore everything Lexi Blake writes, but Treasured was classic romantic suspense and I adored every page!  Action. Suspense. Romance. Kink. Sarcasm. And, a treasure hunt!  What more could a reader ask for?

Here is my review: Treasured



The Society Trilogy including Requiem of the Soul, Reparation of Sin and Resurrection of the Heart by Natasha Knight and A. Zavarelli

It was a phenomenal year for mafia romance and this trilogy was a treat! Suspense and unexpected twists will keep readers guessing until the end. And it was incredibly emotional as well. Dark as sin. Violent. Twisted. Completing intriguing.

Here are my reviews for these books:

Requiem of the Soul

Reparation of Sin

Resurrection of the Heart


The Next Mrs. Russo by Jana Aston

Honestly, this book had me laughing and grinning from ear to ear.  The main character is fantastically neurotic yet also relatable!  It’s over the top and simply perfect.

Here is my review: The Next Mrs Russo


Trouble by Tia Louise

I love an unexpected character, and Tia Louise delivers with this book!  Spencer Carrollton is something special.  This was a fantastic enemies to lovers and Spencer is super swoon-worthy.  The plot is so much more than a romance and was jam packed with all the feels.

Here is my review: Trouble


Give Me A Reason by A.L. Jackson

A darker read from this author with amazing tension and suspense.  Give Me a Reason was also full of second chances and hopes and dreams for a future and for love that knows no bounds.

Here is my review: Give Me a Reason


Make You Miss Me by B. Celeste

This slow burn was everything.  Stevie is on a journey of self discovery after her failed marriage.  This plot weaves friendship and romance into Stevie’s journey and it is lovely as she learns to trust again and move forward.

Here is my review: Make You Miss Me


Shakedown by Lani Lynn Vale

I loved the slightly darker side to the Souls Chapel Revenants MC series and these characters and truly enjoyed every book and couple. That being said, Bruno and Belle’s story in Shakedown was exceptional and my favorite in the series.

Here is my review: Shakedown


The Pact by Max Monroe

The Pact is a wild ride and a really fun read that honestly had me giggling out loud and smiling ear to ear.  Daisy and Flynn were too cute for words and also exceedingly hot!

The Pact



House of Eclipses and House of Wolves by Casey L. Bond

I was truly swept away by these captivating and stunning tales as Casey L Bond again created characters in a world beyond readers imaginations.  It’s breathtaking modern mythology with  so much depth you forget the main characters are just coming of age.

Here are my reviews:

House of Eclipses

House of Wolves


And, because my list has to end somewhere, I’ll honorable mention some of my favorite one click authors!

Emma Hart

Piper Rayne

Kaylea Cross

Natasha Madison

Nana Malone


I’m also adding some Friend’s Favorites here for you to heck out for even more books to add to your TBR!  Be sure to check them out! 

Alba And Her Secrets

Beware of the Reader

Reading Frenzy

Read With Me

The Geekish Brunette


What were your top reads this year?  I’d love to know what I should add to my TBR list!

Happy Reading in 2022!



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