2017 Book Reviews


Aaron L. Speer “Night Walker” (Undeadly Secrets Book 1)

Aaron L. Speer “The Independents: A Short Story”

Aaron L. Speer “The Independents II: A Short Story”

Alexandra Iff – “Flashburn”

Alexis Anne “7 Dirty Lies”

Allie Redman “Double Take” (Serial Killer Unit Book 1)

Allie Redman “Collision” (Serial Killer Unit Book 2)

Alta Hensley “Delicate Scars”

Alta Hensley “Bad, Bad Girl”

Alta Hensley “Captive Vow”

Alta Hensley “His Caged Kitty”

Amanda Mackey “Defending Jagger” (Search & Seek Book 1)

Amy Briggs & Mikey Lee “Hot and Cold”

Angela K. Parker “A Life No Less Than Perfect”

A.T. Brennan “Wrong Place, Right Time” (Solitary Soldiers Book 1)

Autumn Sand “Mayhem: A Twisted Hearts Love Story Book 2”


Betty Shreffler “My Hot Boss”


Cory Cyr “Jacked Off”


Desiree Cox “Poly Amore”


Faith Starr “Destiny” Hilltops #1

Faith Starr “Purity” Hilltops #2

F.G. Adams “Oliver”

F.G. Adams “Lukas”


Grace White “Awaken” (The Lilituria Prophecy Book 1)

Grace White “Allure (The Lilituria Prophecy #2)”


Heather Shere “Honey Bee”

Holly Dodd “Giving It Up” (Brewhouse Book 1)

Holly Dodd “Pin Me Down” (Brewhouse Book 2)

Holly Dodd “Kiss Me Now” (Brewhouse Book 3)

Holly Dodd & Mickey Miller “Dirty CEO” Windy City Bad Boys #1

Holly Dodd & Mickey Miller “Hot Blooded Prizefighter” Windy City Bad Boys Book 2

Holly Mortimer “Expectation” (The Murphy’s Law Series – Book 2)

Holly Renee “Where Good Girls Go To Die”


Jacob Chance “Delude”

J.A. Low “Suddenly Dirty”

J.A. Low “Suddenly Bound”

J.A. Low “Sapphire” Bratva Jewels #1

Jami Davenport “Goaltending” by Jami Davenport

Jennifer Domenico “Reckless Devotion”

Jennifer Domenico ” Reckless Devotion: Book Two”

J.M. Stoneback “A Ghoul’s Kiss” Ghoul’s Kisses #1

Jodi Watters “Next to Me” (A Love Happens Novel Book 1)

Jodi Watters “Wrong then Right” (A Love Happens Novel Book 2) by Jodi Watters

Jodi Watters “True to You” (A Love Happens Novel Book 3)

Julie Shelton “The Master of Blackmoor”


Kailee Reese Samuels “Juliet”

K.A. Sterritt “Collision” (The Fight for Life Series Book 1)

Kat Mizera “Temptation’s Inferno”

Kat Mizera “Redemption’s Inferno”

Kat Mizera “Adonis in Athens”

Keira Montclair “Jamie and Grace” (The Highland Clan Book 7)

Keira Montclair  “Kyla” (The Highland Clan Book 9)

Keira Montclair Trusting a Highlander (The Soulmate Chronicles Book 1)

Kellie Wallace “When our Worlds Collide”

K.L. Donn “Lost and Found” Book 3 in The Possessed Series

K.L. Donn “Tattooed & Alone for Christmas” (Part one) (The Possessed Series)

K.L. Donn “Dear Killian: a shorty story” (Love Letters Book 1)

K.L. Donn “Dear Gage: A Short Story” (Love Letters Book 2)

K.L. Donn “One Chance” (Hogan Brother’s Book #1)

K.L. Donn “One Choice (Hogan Brother’s Book #2)

Kristen Hope Mazzola “Cross Checked”

Kristen Hope Mazzola “Cherry Picked”

Kristen Hope Mazzola “Low Blow”

Kristen Hope Mazzola “Playoff Beard”

Kristen Hope Mazzola “Unbreakable”

Kym Grosso “Jake” (Immortals of New Orleans Book 8)


Lani Lynn Vale “For The Love of Beard” The Dixie Warden Rejects #7

Leela Lou Dahlin “Flipping Her Switch: Club Kink Book 1”

L.M. Lee “Damaged”

L.M. Roberts “Condemned by Him” Series: Shattered Hearts Trilogy #1


Maddie King “Bad Boy Neighbor”

Madison Street “Perfect Strangers”

Mary J. Williams “Flowers On The Wall” (Hart Of Rock And Roll Book 1)

Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd “Dirty CEO” Windy City Bad Boys #1

Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd “Hot Blooded Prizefighter” Windy City Bad Boys Book 2

Mickey Miller “The Casanova Experience”

Mickey Miller “Professor With Benefits”

Mickey Miller “Mechanic with Benefits”

Mikey Lee & Amy Briggs “Hot and Cold”

M.R. Leahy “Set Me Free” (Bound Forever Book 1)

M.R. Leahy “Set Us Free” (Bound Forever Book 2)


Natalie Gayle “Brave: A Contemporary MMA Romance” (Oni Fighters Book 1)

Natasha Knight “Dishonorable”

Natasha Knight “Disgraced”

Nikki Belaire “Straight, No Chaser”


Rachael Brownell “Sticks & Stones”

Rachael Tonks “The Edge of Life”

Rachel Ryan “The Beaumont Boys”

RC Boldt “Blue Balls”

Ryan Michele “The Alpha’s Arrangement: A Howls Romance”


Samantha A. Cole “Double Down & Dirty: A Doms of The Covenant Novella”

Samantha A. Cole “Option Number Three: A Trident Security Novella – Book 7.5”

Samantha A. Cole “Mountain of Evil: Trident Security Omega Team: Prequel”

Samantha A. Cole “A Dead Man’s Pulse” (Trident Security Omega Team Book 1)

Samantha A. Cole “The Friar”

Sam J.D. Hunt “Santino the Eternal”

Scott Hildreth “DIRTY” (Filthy F*ckers MC Book Three)

Scott Hildreth “RIGID” (Biker MC Romance Book 4)

Scott Hildreth “NUTS” (Biker MC Romance Book 5)

Scott Hildreth “THICK” (Biker MC Romance Book 6)

Scott Hildreth “His Rules”

Sloane Murphy “Soar” (Immortal Chronicles #3)

S.R. Mitchell “Bewitched by Christmas”

S.R. Mitchell “Shifted by Fate”


Teresa Gabelman “Blind Faith”

Teresa Gabelman “Sanctuary”

T.J. Spade “Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI Novel”


Vanessa Vale “Hold Me Close”

Victoria Danann “JAX: Resurrection” (Knights of Black Swan NEXT GENERATION Book 2)

Victoria Danann “THE GAME BEGINS: An Introduction” (R. Caine High School Book 1)

Victoria Danann “The Knight” (R. Caine High School Book 2)

Victoria Danann “NOMAD” (Sons of Sanctuary Book 3)

Victoria Danann “Devil’s Marker” (Sons of Sanctuary Book 4)

Victoria Danann “Simon Says” (Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 1)

Anthologies with Various Authors

“BLACK LIGHT: Valentine Roulette”

“Hunks to the Rescue”

“What the Heart Wants” An Opposites Attract Anthology


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