~Book Review~ “Three Day Fiancee” by Marissa Clarke

My Review: Dog walker Caitlin Ramos was having a rotten morning.  When her day quickly goes from bad to worse, the last thing she needs is a man telling her what to do, especially since she’s just left her cheating and domineering ex behind.  But she can’t leave his St Bernard, Beau, in distress so... Continue Reading →


~Book Review~ “Unlocked” by Casey L. Bond

  My Review:   A forgotten princess, Raya of Paruth is the lone survivor of a plague that wiped out the rest of her kingdom.  She’s spent the last ten years on a deserted island in the middle of dangerous seas with an albatross as her only companion.  A magic spell the only thing keeping... Continue Reading →

~Book Review~ “Ghost” by Scott Hildreth

My Review: Porter (Ghost) Reeves had lost everyone he ever loved to Cancer, so it came to no surprise to him when he received his diagnosis.  He’d live until he couldn’t anymore. No treatment. But, when his insurance forces him to go to a support meeting in order to cover his medical costs, he’s confronted... Continue Reading →

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